Brass knuckles or a knuckle sandwich but not a closed fist. Ladies those terms of tough endearment as what we are using to get you ready for Alexander McQueen's latest hot item available at Bag, Borrow, & Steal. Fashion stylist do makeovers all the time and they often look for a way to make the makeover pop during the reveal. At times, it is hair color that gets the attention, especially when taken to the extreme. Going from brunette to blonde or adding some highlights can do the trick because the change is so drastic.  A part of the wardrobe can also be the standout eye-catching piece that makes everyone take notice.  At other times, an accessory will be the statement piece that makes the whole makeover seem way to perfect. The Alexander McQueen Studded Knuckle Clutch is that second look, head turning, object. Take a look at this beautiful, unique clutch.

Alexander McQueen Lace Knuckle Duster Clutch

The design of this clutch works because it solves the problem that women often face when carrying a strapless purse. There is more of a tendency to lay down a strapless handbag because there is nothing attached to another part of the body. With the Knuckle Clutch, the fingers are securely positioned. Walking away without it attached to the fingers and securely gripped in hand will be something that just doesn't feel right. There would be an instant trigger in that situation, to remember that you were forgetting something. There are four finger holes on top that really look like ring designs. It's the ideal accessory to grab, when you want to wear less jewelry. Taking a clutch will also help you to scale down on carrying to many extras. Come on women, y'all know how we can over pack a purse. For that reason, you should consider smaller accessories. I've mentioned it on this blog before, and I will say it again, sometimes you have to fake it until you make it! It's not always about owning everything. Style and practicality is what we want. Renting or leasing is just as good! Just a reminder, in case you forgot how layaways work.