The way American Leaders and women perceive male dominated jobs is changing everyday. Those different ideas have something to do with the times. Today's societal environment is not like the days of old, when women were less likely to be breadwinners, or even make any type of financial contribution to the household. More and more women are entering the workforce. Not only that, positions in male dominated fields are not recruiting more open minded women. Entering non traditional fields commonly dominated by men is the next step up for women who dare to elevate from housewife status. The adventurous spirit of modern women makes them more eager and ready to use their skills to compete with men in the workplace. Veronica Eyenga, of Women On Business, shared information from the Center of Women's Research stating that apparently more than 30% of women entering male dominated industries thrive in their respective fields. Technology and manufacturing are more common than plumbing or carpentry. However, the important thing to remember is: gender is becoming less relevant in the workfore.

Today, Abornewords is proud to show you how the personality and style of the female Disc Jockey (DJ) is chnaging. Take a look at how Alexandra Richards is showing off her glamour girl cool, as she spins records. Take a look!

Her style is very feminine versus the early years of house parties or club scenes that may have showed a different type of female on the turntables. Typically, she probably would have been wearing a B-ball cap turned backwards, high top sneakers, and loose fitting clothing, all to prove that her record spinning skills were equal to those of her male peers. In the photo Alexandra Richards was had the privilege to be having a good time and doing her thing at the Faberge Garden Party in celebration of their first Flagship Store opening. Get another look at her stand out green get up. The shoes are perfect for such an occasion. The style looks similar to summer Gladiator Sandals, but appear to be much more comfortable than the average pair of stilettos. A perfect choice for such an occasion.

Alexandra's look puts a spin on dressing for success while helping to identify Disc Jockey Jobs as more of an upscale career. Nice clothes add a professional edge to the party scene, and also helps to alleviate stereotypes associated with entertainment careers. Appearance changes perception. DJ'ing is another field experiencing growth because of the influx of females taking it on as a career.

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