Amber Rose is doing something new, making music. Labeled as arm candy by many industry head honchos, Amber doesn't seem to mind living up to the title. She appears in public flawless, fabulous, and fashionable while the paps just play snap snap with their camera toys. Rose's song Fame hit the internet and really has taken us by storm. Fame is quickly reaching the 800,000 mark on You Tube. That is a heck of a number from someone who has not been popular on the music scene. Amber's reputation as a model/fashionista who loves to shop still out weighs her music credits, but who really cares. It's really all about exploring the things you love creatively and expressing who you are. Fame is something that you wouldn't expect from a girl who puts herself out there so much for love and recognition. However, the song hits home.  Here is her Grammy Awards get up! It's so obvious that she doesn't have to try to hard. She rocks the canary yellow easily poised.

Amber Rose - The 54th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Arrivals

Photo Credit: Jason Merritt

The lyrics make you wonder if she is refferring to herself and her own break into the spotlight. After all, she did reach the height of her fame during her previous relationship with Rap Superstar Kanye West. Although, Amber has not openly discussed the lyrics of Fame in full detail, the song still gives a realistic account of the things that go along with being popular and famous. Since we can only speculate about the lyrics, we are really left to assume until further notice.

Something that may play to Amber Rose's advantage is (the famous Lady who made raw meat a hot topic in fashion) Gaga released a song that also gives reference to fame. I'll just say, it kind of makes you wonder if jealousy can run that deep.

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