If there was anyone who knew just how to show off her style and cool celebrity status it's Amber Rose. She's doing just that in her recent cover story spot with Lifestyle Mirror, a site dedicated to providing consumers with an upscale shopping experience. Rose did the shoot and accompanying video so that her fans could get to know her better. What a way to brand for a model chic right? Oh and she is a woman with an edge because she proudly displays her tats (tattoos) as she grips what looks like to be a glass full of Smirnoff Vodka. See for yourself in the gallery below.

Lifestyle Mirror pounced at their chance to feature Amber Rose for their concept issue of an embodiment of what Upper East Side looks like in personality and style. In the interview Amber Rose makes it a point to stand up for woment who choose sexier clothing saying "If I want to wear a short shirt I can, and I expect not to be disrespected...Every woman has the right to dress as she pleases and not be judged by her wardrobe choices."

Amber Rose seems to have a thing for the Hip-Hop ballers and who can be mad at her for her taste? After all, Hip-Hop Men have the most game and connecting that ability legally with street smarts and business savvy is a receipe for success. Oh and fellows and ladies Amber Rose is engaged. Check out the gallery again, just in case you missed the mondo rock on her ring finger.

For more visuals of Amber Rose check out the accompanying behind the scenes video

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