You are smart enough to know that the last step of your make up rountine is crucial to your overall feelings of well being and satisfaction with your look. For instance , if your obsession is with lipstick, leaving the house without applying it would make you feel incomplete and undone. Make up girls, beware to avoid that situation at all cost. Called by a name that is sure to get lots of attention, "Lash Genius" offers up a way to waterproof any mascara. Take a look at the eye changing product and the brains backing it all the way, Anastasia, The Brow Queen.


Come on, It's happened to you at least once. You looked on the shelf for a waterproof version of your favorite mascara and bam, it's unavailable. At that moment you feel like whoa. Your instincts are telling you to stick with your brand, but logic is also nagging at you with visions of other brands that you can at least try out. Lash Genius is being featured as a product choice at The Make Up Show. The hook line and sinker is "waterproof when you want it to be". Now that is a statement women should buy into. Consumers who shop for mascara will appreciate this product because brands only waterproof a certain number of products in a line. Anastasia scores big for bringing this amazing product to the market. Now you can give your lashes a little something extra to go along with your brows. You are sure to standout in a crowd. Anastasia is not only The Brow Queen, she is now known for creating lash envy.