It all took place at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. The happy couple arrived to join other creative minds for a night out in recognition of talent and stardom laced with awards. Here is a photo of the Hollywood couple that acted their way into the hearts of all their true fans by working hard and staying connected to the things that matter.

Angelina Jolie Actress/producer Angelina Jolie (L) and actor Brad Pitt attend the 23rd annual Producers Guild Awards at The Beverly Hilton hotel on January 21, 2012 in Beverly Hills, California.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

Their relationship warmed the hearts of so many devoted followers as they grew closer over the years. People continue to be interested in what they are doing. Brangelina even won over some of the skeptics, after they started building their own little clan

For Angelina, being a beauty does not take much effort, as she adds on her layers to cover up her Eve parts. Clothes, hair, and characters is what Angelina know how to do best. We already know how she handles her man! She is Mrs. Smith. In the photo, Angelina is doing lace to perfection with all smiles for the camera. You can't classify their stills as anything else but perfect.

I'm reading into their body language because I can. She's letting him take charge. Look how she is close and almost leaning into Brad. the simple make-up gives her a girlish twinkle while her pearly whites gleam. Lastly, is the happy couple sharing hair color? Their strands look similar, if not the same. Her locks are long and flowing with tighter end curls. His are straight, off the shoulder, and adding to his distinguished look. They look good together.

Brad and Angelina seem to be very much in love, so stop tying to look through the holes of their lace to find a scandal. Good luck with that in your sick little world of nosy. I seriously doubt that you will be able to make disgrace stick to their Hollywood Star Power. The paparazzi will be to busy watching for Brad and Angelina's next pose and smile.

Photo Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images