Bad girls can turn on their appeal in neutral colors and Angelina Jolie proved it at the Gloden Globes. How do you feel about white, creme and ivory? Creme and ivory are the type of colors that I consider to be safe and very soft. Creme is a very feminine color. There's a certain gentleness about it that is soothing and calming. Creme and ivory work well in fashion because they coordinate well with any color. Angelina Jolie wore cream with a little extra surprise for the skeptics who doubt the power of cream. For those who say that creme equals simple and plain, check out how Jolie turned up the heat on creme.

Angelina Jolie Clothes

Angelina Jolie In Versace  

That little bit of red helped to change her elegant look to fireside romantic. Every fashion icon will remind you what a little extra color can mean. Most of the time shoes, accessories, and nail polish is used as a way to introduce more color to an outfit. Again, cant get over that pop of color in the dress. That red added enough zest to her style to have her admirers salivating big time. To give you a little something extra to look at here is something we found that has a celebrity makeup and a high class price tag to go along with it.

This extra little piece is made by Bettina Knits . It's hand fringed with several different metallic yarns. The make up is primarily rayon and nylon, and described as soft, light, and airy. The best part about owning one of these stoles is that you don't have to worry about shedding. These luxurious creations are resistant to shedding.   This would definitely be a splurge purchase.  We just think  this butternut color is really pretty and we love to look at pictures of our favorite people, products, and places.  Angelina Jolie has a way of picking the right outfit at the right time.  We just love her look.  Her persona shifts depending on her fashion choices.  The way she carries herself somehow seems to change along with her fashion choices.  We will be showing you more in the days, weeks, and months to come.  Keep checking for more on Angelina Jolie.