Who can forget Anna Faris the Super Movie Star who found her way all the way from the celebrity cuddle and fame of being a television Playboy Bunny to being a young House Mother to a group of College Students, when she starred in the movie The House Bunny .

Faris is still bubbly and youthful. She has found out how to keep her skin looking radiant and naturally tanned from head to toe. The new Jergens Natural Glow & Protect Daily Moisturizer with SPF (sun protection factor) 20 gets the credit for keeping Anna Faris glowing as she maneuvers through her busy lifestyle. Check out the Gallery below to get a look at Anna Faris and Jergens.

Jergens Natural Glow Line has a variety of moisturizers available for all skin tones. Right now I'm loving the compact size. Hand washing frequently at work means that I need a lotion that can help to restore the moisture and give me a natural even skintone. Mostly I use the compact size at work to keep my arms and hands looking great. Jergens Natural Glow Lotions will help you to manage the moisture levels in your skin and give you the protection you need when you are out in the sun.