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Browsing Archive: April, 2013

Abornewords Makeup: Disney Beauty Innovation for Character Loving Guest

Posted by Nicole K. on Tuesday, April 30, 2013, In : Make Up 

The need to be everywhere and foster growth has companies thinking more and more about expansion beyond the United States. In Disneyland Paris, guests can expect to get a welcoming surprise in 2014, as Remy, from the movie Ratatouille will be greeting guest speaking in French. Bonjour couldn't get any better than that, right?

Global Marketing is of the utmost importance, especially if your business has the resources to pull it off and Disney does. Their constantly thinking of ways...

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Abornewords Fashion: Coco & Breezy Get Featured In Essence Magazine

Posted by Nicole Kim on Monday, April 29, 2013, In : Fashion 

Who You Look Like

For those of you who thought Rapper JD held the Most Fly Crown in the Eyewear Category, you just may want to rethink your position after you read this post. Before you start to think about other Rappers who can rock a mean pair of sunglasses, as the paps snap shots, think about an edgy set of twins, on the rise. No not Tia and Tamera either. It's entrepreneurs, Coco & Breezy. The two released their first Eyewear Collection in 2010 and they never looked back or se...

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Abornewords Contest: Coors Light Search For The Coldest

Posted by Nicole K. on Thursday, April 25, 2013, In : Sweepstakes/Contest 

It's Your Time

Opportunities for upcoming artist to take the microphone and share their talents without being compensated, in even some small capacity happens more often than anyone cares to talk about. Artist, no matter how talented, still have to pay bills, feed their families and handle other expenses related to advancing their careers. There is no room for advantageous predators, who only want to lace their own pockets without acknowledging Artist Performances as something mor...

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Abornewords Music: Is Kandi Burass Latest Pick In Line With Rihanna's Nude Day?

Posted by Nicole K. on Wednesday, April 24, 2013, In : Music 

Bravo's showcasing Kandi Buruss Kandi Factory Talent Development Center located in Atlanta and she is finding Americas next hot Pop Superstars. No she's not falling off and quitting music herself, but she is giving aspiring stars like Lauryn Story (LA Story) a chance to launch their careers and be heard, on a national level.

LA Story "You & Me" is a perfect breakout song with pop appeal for various audiences, it's perfectly in tune with songs we hear today. Rihanna's Stay, Demi Lovat...

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Abornewords Beauty: Barefoot With Freeman Clay Mask On My Face

Posted by Nicole K. on Tuesday, April 23, 2013, In : Skin care 

Okay ladies and well groomed gentlemen, it's time to kick back after that long week of work you had to drag yourself through. Now for the rewards the fruits of your labor. You deserve it. Laughing yet? Well , hopefully before we are done here, you will be feeling all chummy, ready to relax and laugh. Even if you cant bring yourself to the point of hilarious choking laughter, at least you know what we have in mind.

Is it just me or does taking time out for yourself somehow always end...

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Abornewords Executive Minds: Think Like Jay-Z And His Life & Times Creative Suite

Posted by Nicole K. on Thursday, April 18, 2013, In : Executive Minds 

What ya thoughts be like? Sounding Hip-Hop Cool can get you a lot of attention when you are holding a microphone like Superstar Jay-Z, who recently made headlines after he sounded off on his Open Letter Track. The song received kudos and also a few thumbs down because of some of its lyrical bars. One Video Reviewer even questioned Jay-z's Goat Status as Raps best that ever did it.

Whether you agree with Jay-Z's freedom of speech or not, he is always doing things to keep everyone tal...

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Abornewords Fashion: Wranglers Spa Jeans And Chico's So Slimming Pants

Posted by Nicole K. on Sunday, April 14, 2013, In : Fashion 

Jordache, Gloria Vanderbilt, Wranglers, and Levis are all jeans that Generation X most likely grew up wearing. It is always about making a fashion statement, so when Wrangler came out with their Spa Jeans that claimed to moisturize and improve the appearance of cellulite, Good Morning America made sure their viewers knew what was unfolding in denim. Unlike a taste test like those performed for die-hard foodies, Good Morning America showed off the jeans using a wear test of prancin...

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Abornewords Retail: Reward Programs And Gamification With Earth Friendly Products

Posted by Nicole K. on Friday, April 12, 2013, In : Retail 

Are Reward Cards becoming the new tool used by retailers to gamify the customer experience? There will be execs who shy away from this idea, if for nothing more than to create a complicated jargon related report that essentially proves that's exactly whats happening.

Customers are buying into the idea, cashing in on savings rewards and making their dollars and cents add up on the bottom lines of their bank accounts. They don't really care if you call it gamification or improving t...

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Abornewords Health: Hanes Silk Reflections Sheer Tights

Posted by Nicole Kim on Monday, April 8, 2013, In : Health 

Balance between sheer and opaque is what Hanes promises with these secret weapon, run resistant, sheer tights. Trust their words too!  Hanes Silk Reflections Sheer Tights are lightweight and smooth.  The support and lasting wear gives the working woman spending long hours on her feet so much to appreciate. Besides a beautiful pair of legs fully supported, women of color have something else to cheer about. There are a variety of colors that will work just right for most women.  Say g...

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Abornewords Movies: Angela Davis Film built On The Questions Of Shola Lynch

Posted by Nicole Kim on Friday, April 5, 2013, In : Movies 

Here are some of the questions that help Shola Lynch form a creative starting point for the Angela Davis Film (out today in select theaters).

Her image is known. Her face and name is known, but we don’t know her story and it’s only these scant details. So, why has she become so important as an image? What’s the story behind that image? How do we add that third dimension so she’s not just two dimensional and flat? What is the story? How did she become an international po...

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Abornewords Health: Subscription Boxes Good For More Than Creating Brand Awareness

Posted by Nicole Kim on Wednesday, April 3, 2013, In : Health 

Subscription boxes by the category you name them and they are out there. Here's a short list of what you can find. Everything from Baby & Kids Subscription Boxes to Beauty and Clothing Subscription Boxes is up for grabs.

  • Food & Snack Subscription Boxes
  • Pet Subscription Boxes
  • Sports Subscription Boxes
  • Vegan Subscription Boxes

It's true that these boxes are great marketing tools. Creating brand awareness becomes easy for Brand Manufacturers with these. It's a way to create structure, dra...

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Abornewords Philanthropist: Jay-Z's Name Means Money $10 Is Not Enough

Posted by Nicole Kim on Monday, April 1, 2013, In : Philanthropist 

There are a host of people, especially celebs, who support various charities or for that matter create their own, collecting big money to help others. No one in their right mind would be against good attitudes or actions! That's not the way some of you may feel about Jay-Z's latest effort that serves up a double whammy so to speak. Not in a loser kind of way, though it seems so in the beginning. Fans and followers may feel like a loser or like their being prayed upon for cash, on...

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