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Browsing Archive: January, 2013

Abornewords Footwear: Fast Don't Lie Dwight Howard's Ghost Hunter

Posted by Nicole K. on Thursday, January 31, 2013, In : Footwear 
Valentine's Gear For All Stars

It's that time of year! Red becomes one of those dominant colors around Janurary. The heart is usually the symbol that is choosen to represent love. While the color red filling the shape, stands for the blood. Truly, both together equals passion. To remind you and also get you in the mood for your own heartfelt moments. We want to share a very creative and humorous video, from Dwight Howard, our favorite new Laker Superstar.

Dwight Howard's Romantic Voice


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Abornewords Fashion: Celebrities, Fashion, Music, Products

Posted by Nicole K. on Tuesday, January 29, 2013, In : Fashion 
Something For Guys

We have been successful at bringing you the latest trends, hot news spins on stories, and the must have products, all the things we believe will change your life or make it more convenient. Your tastebud cravings have also been satisfied, as we took you and your imagination on a whirlwind ride that likely made you merry-go-round dizzy. We turned our obsessions into informative, beneficial content. The made you look factor happened naturally too, and that you did while also...

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Abornewords Celebrations: Carnival Time In New Orleans Means Parades

Posted by Nicole K. on Sunday, January 27, 2013, In : Celebrations 
Sophie B. Wright

No, these are not cheerleaders but they are an organized group or girls marching for Sophie B. Wright (a Junior High School) during a parade in New Orleans. Age old traditions never die, they do however get passed down through the generations. In the case of Marching Bands and the many groups of organized dancers, participating awards the students with great opportunities. Young people have a chance to be a part of a group, a chance to learn dancing and music, and also a cha...

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Abornewords Awards: Brave Movie Wins Best Animated Feature Film

Posted by Nicole K. on Wednesday, January 23, 2013, In : Movies 
Adventurous Enough For Boys

"Being brave is about being true to yourself and allowing your loved ones the same freedom"___ Mark Andrews

The Golden Globes just gave the stars another platform to be acknowledged for their talents. Besides the comedy dished out by Tina Fey, a famous actress/comedian, who so creatively emulated Sara Palin during President Obamas first run for the White House, the highlight of the night was seeing Mark Andrew , Braves Director, holding the Golden Globe, after Bra...

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Abornewords Politics: President Obama Inauguration Means More

Posted by Nicole K. on Monday, January 21, 2013, In : Politics 
Our People, Our Future

First things first! President Obama and the family attends church, to begin Inauguration Celebration. Because this is President Obama's second term, there are more feelings of appreciation than a focus on the historical aspect of what it means in terms of race relations, for black people. Here is a photo of the first family.

Barack Obama - The First Family Departs The White House For Chicago
(June 14, 2012 - Source: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images North America)

Having an African American family in the White House doesn't mean that striv...

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Abornewords Music: Golden Hip-Hop From Trindad Challenges Ye's Gold Digger

Posted by Nicole K. on Sunday, January 20, 2013, In : Music 
Two Gold Attitudes

Trinidad James gets a bad rap for not having a perfect grill, but his rap (All Gold Everything) is nothing but all good for a lot of his fans. The song does have a good rhythm with a distinctive pause in the hook. Good hooks  will get you caught up, making you want to join in and sing along. Even though James only got a little love from the crowd during his 106 & Park performance, at the New Year's Eve Party, he still held his stage presence, as he encouraged the sweating...

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Abornewords Movies: Emma Stone Goes Mary J. Gangster For Hollywood

Posted by Nicole K. on Saturday, January 12, 2013, In : Movies 
Beauty Goes Gangster

Looking good is a requirement, especially when you are the arm candy to a boss. Emma Stone is not posing in front of the cameras for Revlon in her new movie Gangster Squad, but she is heating up the big screen, with Mary J's appeal, in her red dress, all done up with the boys. Gangster Squad has hit theaters! Take a look at Stone's position among the fellows.

Anthony Mackie on 106 & Park

Emma Stone is bringing in 2013 as a Baddie female, who has to play as hard as the me...

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Abornewords Celebrations: Is Your Drink Loaded or Not?

Posted by Nicole K. on Thursday, January 10, 2013, In : Celebrations 
Mocktails First

Mocktails are for virgins ____ drinks that is! Is choosing non-acoholic really a way to show off your winning personality?

The club scene is different everywhere you go, depending on a number of things. Side bar festivities can include, performers, food, VIP Rooms, celebrities, and crowds mixed with hood ballers. No matter what is going on around you, in the club, one thing that is never left out of the equation for the 21 and over crowd is boos.

Is the glass half empty or ...

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Abornewords Celebrations: Birthday Gift Bling For Blue Ivy And You

Posted by Nicole K. on Tuesday, January 8, 2013, In : Celebrations 
Hallmark Crown

Janurary 7th is the day a special little girl was born into Hip-Hop Royalty. Jay-Z and Beyoncé finally welcomed their own lineage into legacy. Although, Blue Ivy is protected from the media most of the time, it is easy to be fascinated by her existence. After all, her parents have made entertainment and celebrity living look so glamorous for so long, how could we resist looking on with curiosity? Jay-Z and Beyoncé have not hesitated to take us there while going out of their w...

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Abornewords Celebrities: "Fresh Out The Frying Pan" On MyKie

Posted by Nicole K. on Wednesday, January 2, 2013, In : Celebrities 
106 Personality

Seriously the popular alarm went boom for the new 106 &Park co-host, baring the name Miss Mykie. She's educated, talented, and showing off a little something extra every time she opens her mouth. Take a look at Mykie's girl at the bus stop pose!

When Miss Mykie talks everyone listens. She has an accent that makes her standout from the rest. She's as cute as a button, a real little Miss Shirley Temple type. The girl has that it factor, something 106 & Park needs to balance all ...

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