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Browsing Archive: December, 2015

Abornewords Celebrities: And You Thought Your Favorite Celebrity Was Getting Big Checks (These High Income Earners Might Surprise You)

Posted by Nicole Kim on Wednesday, December 30, 2015, In : Celebrities 
Thank you for putting us up on these very successful Dogs. A FAMOUS Rapper said in song "I just wanna be successful". If the opportunities and checks look like the ones these Celebrity Dogs are raking in for their owners, then maybe we all need to think about grooming our animals for greatness.


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Abornewords Health: The Health And Well-being Of Animals Matters Too (Help GoodBye Fleazz And We Pledge To Help Hope

Posted by Nicole Kim on Wednesday, December 30, 2015,

Helping our animal population is important. Not only to animal lovers and the pets themselves but our communities as a whole. That's why we love what HOPE is doing to help care for animals and help them find loving homes.  Hopes mission is about helping the over population of pets end, thus the acronym for their name has meaning.   The HOPE Organization provides these animals with shelter, food, and vet care, assisting low income residents with a host of needs related to pet care including sp...

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Abornewords Movies: Star Wars Premiere Images From Around The Globe And A Lead On A Star Trek Barbie & Ken Collectors Item

Posted by Nicole Kim on Friday, December 18, 2015, In : Movies 

Green Monday went by and so did Star Wars Week. As the premieres were happening and all the Star Wars Dust settled, box office records were broke millions plus made and we are all still talking just like we were in yesteryear when Densely Washington starred in Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi with Harrison Ford. You remember right? I know I do; it was the error when my Daddy took the whole family to the movies to see those swords lighting up on screen in 3D. You remember those little white and p...

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Abornewords Beauty: New Products From Master Cosmotologist Taliah Waajid For Natural Hair

Posted by Nicole Kim on Tuesday, December 15, 2015, In : Beauty 

Natural Hair Beauties, who have learned and realized that beautiful hair does not have to be straight, will appreciate what's coming from Master Cosmotologist, Taliah Waajid, in February 2016. It's her new line of Natural Hair Care Products called Pure & Natural Shea Cocoa. The line includes a 2in1 conditioning co wash, a monoi oil natural serum, a leave in conditioner, a curly hair souffle, and a natural hair style cream. Find these and more from Taliah Waajid at Wal-Mart, Target, and Sally ...

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Abornewords Music: Connections At Work Can Real Underground Talent (Meet MP3)

Posted by Nicole Kim on Monday, December 14, 2015, In : Music 

The fact that I grew up in New Orleans and also attended a multicultural college and not an HBC has worked to my advantage tremendously, career wise and socially because I relate to all types of people. I am not an extrovert who is totally a social scene butterfly and I might not strike up a random conversation with a stranger. However, in the right setting I flourish. I usually strive at work and keep my productivity up, making contributions more meaningful wherever I can. I love to talk sho...

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Abornewords Fashion: Were Crushing Cashmere At Stein Mart (Sweaters Beat Jammies Any Day)

Posted by Nicole Kim on Thursday, December 10, 2015, In : Fashion 

Sweaters beat pajamas (jammies) any day) so I figured this is a perfect Blogger Blast! Florida is finally feeling the chill so maybe you can envy the Sunshine State a little less, when you are wearing snow boots and shoveling snow from your driveways. This past week not only have I purchased a sweater, I have actually started wearing long sleeves. Not just for outside either because I live in a house that gets really drafty around this time of year so I like to wear sleeves to keep the cold c...

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Abornewords Beauty: Nicole Kim The Blogger Shares December Lyrics And Kim Kimble's Product Recommendations

Posted by Nicole Kim on Saturday, December 5, 2015, In : Beauty 

A lot changed for the better in my life since last December and I would like to give all glory to God. Abornewords is constantly growing and new opportunities to partner with brands and continue creating brand awareness are happening more and more. Today, I want to make use of a lyrics video I created last year. It is a video that is my official December Song and for me it's a little bit better than the 12 days of Christmas Song, simply because I connected it to a well known Celebrity and n...

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Abornewords Technology: Best Buy Released A Video Called Win The Holidays Including Aunt Carol Wearing Red Lipstick

Posted by Nicole Kim on Wednesday, December 2, 2015, In : Best Buy 

This December brings tidings concerning my employment status. I handed in my resignation at Best Buy this past week but my commitment to creating brand awareness and promoting products is just as strong as ever. That's why I had to share this Win The Holidays Commercial including Aunt Carol because she is showing off her style with red lipstick just like me!

When you see my photos below you will probably find this post to be hilarious.  Those who live in my immediate area and those who work w...

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