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Browsing Archive: October, 2015

Abornewords Celebrities: Jay Z and Beyonce Are Our Jack Porter & Amanda Clark (Revenge)

Posted by Nicole Kim on Thursday, October 29, 2015, In : Celebrities 
Don't laugh and I only say that because I know you will if you have been following our recent Blog Post.

For the longest time or at least ever since Jay Z and Beyonce put their Golden Celebrity Touch on Tupac' s Bonnie & Clyde, they have become Hip-Hops Bonnie & Clyde and we have gotten use to referring to them as such. Things are changing in the Celebrity World and that means things are changing for us regular folks too since they are our opinion leaders.

Since I don't have cable anymore in m...

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Abornewords Beauty: If Your Brow Envy Is Wrong There Are Ways To Get Yours Right

Posted by Nicole Kim The Blogger on Thursday, October 22, 2015, In : Beauty 

Nicole Kim The Blogger showing off her Brow Envy Right

The are many women and men who may notice that their brows are not as full or thick as they could be. Though this may be something that seems harmless, the lack of Brow fullness can change your facial presence. Despite what you may think, you do not have to go hairless and resort to drawing in your brows with an eyebrow pencil. There are quite a few alternatives that can be used to get Beverly Hills looking brows.

  • Buy a Brow Kit

A Brow Kit ...
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Abornewords Health: Romaine Chicken Gizzard Salad & Soup (Healthy & Economical)

Posted by Nicole Kim on Wednesday, October 14, 2015, In : Health 

We hear a lot of information about living a healthy lifestyle but what it actually means to each of us as individuals may be very different, depending on what food we like or those we consider to be healthy. Still, we need to have a point of focus, a starting point. Next, we must implement our plans of actions so that we can actually live healthier and happier lives. Though we all may have different approaches, usually diet and exercise are ideal starting points for healthier lifestyles.

What ...

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Abornewords Music: BTY Young'N Nominated For NOLA Awards Best New Artist & Best Mixtape 2015 (Vote)

Posted by Nicole Kim on Monday, October 12, 2015, In : Music 
"They all wanna see you whenever you make it; they all wanna come when ya name in the paper"

It's that time of the year again and this is the biggest honor yet for BTY Young'N! Yes, we see you over here at Abornewords and we truly know that Hip-Hop is not dead! It's true,ya heard me, BTY Young'N has been nominated for 2 NOLA Awards. One for Best New Artist and another for Best Mixtape. In honor of the occasion we would like to share his Feed Up Mixtape. Listen, enjoy, comment.

Tag you're it!
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Abornewords Celebrations: Happy Birthday Snugg (We Love Your Narcissistic Behavior)

Posted by Nicole Kim on Saturday, October 10, 2015,

Snugg is the Sister of New Orleans Rapper Nice Gunz. She was celebrating recently, showing herself lots of love on her birthday. Here's the pictures to prove just how much she loves herself.

Snugg or Tricy is what she's called by family and friends. She has officially made the leap to narcissism, even though she did not create a selfie book like Kim Kardashian. As you can see, she is a woman of many faces and she seems to enjoy sending herself lots of love.

Her gifts included lots of Jessica...

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Abornewords Events: Kroger's October Bewitching Beauty Event (Make Up Artist Wanted)

Posted by Nicole Kim on Wednesday, October 7, 2015, In : Beauty 

"Cos Pro Agency is looking for Professional Make Up Artist to drive sales for L'OREAL and Maybelline inside Kroger Stores" responsibilities will include offering makeovers and educating"...... consumers on those 2 brands during the instore bewitching Beauty Event. Make Up Artist who reside in or around the surrounding area of the cities listed below are encouraged to apply.

  • GA- Bonaire
  • GA- Sugar Hill
  • GA- Suwanee
  • Ky- Newport
  • OH- Beaver Creek
  • OH- Cincinnati
  • TX- Ft Worth
  • TX- Spring
  • TX- Willis

For infor...

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Abornewords Celebrations: National Customer Service Week

Posted by Nicole Kim on Tuesday, October 6, 2015, In : Celebrations 
"National Customer Service Week is a week long opportunity to raise awareness of customer service and the vital role it plays in successful business practice and the growth of the UK economy" and our economy in the United States

October 5th officially marked the start of National Customer Service Week. Since my entire career as a Service Professional in Healthcare and Retail has required that I attend to the needs of clients, I felt that celebrating was only right. I was trying to figure ou...

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