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Browsing Archive: February, 2016

Abornewords Entertainment: New Orleans Rapper Mystikal To Star In Side Piece Along With Love & Hip Hop Atlanta's Karly Red

Posted by Nicole Kim on Monday, February 29, 2016, In : Entertainment 

Photo Credit: Instagram

The Man Right Chea, AKA Mystikal, made a name for himself by showing off his fast rap flow, starting out on The No LImit Label with Master P. After being released from prison, he continues to rebuild his career and seems to be doing a pretty good job. From doing shows and appearing at different venues, he is keeping the demand for his services up. The Rapper will star in Side Piece in what some call a movie and others a documentary. The flick is described as a Documenta...

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Abornewords Celebrities: Color Purple Author, Alice Walker Calls February The Month Of Discovery And Why Rapper J. Cole May Explore Alice Walker Shares

Posted by Nicole Kim on Monday, February 29, 2016, In : Celebrities 

"The Color Purple" author Alice Walker attends the "The Color Purple" Broadway Opening Night at The Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre on December 10, 2015 in New York City. (Dec. 9, 2015 - Source: Mark Sagliocco/Getty Images North America)

Alice Walker is calling February "the month of discovery" the reason may be tied to the fact that the year 2016 has brought on a change concerning her views on February. The famed Color Purple Author has just starting to embrace Black History Month, changing her pe...

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Abornewords Entertainment: Lailah Muhammad Conquers Beyoncé's Moves and Our Opinion Leaders Make Us Think Religion

Posted by Nicole Kim on Sunday, February 28, 2016, In : Entertainment 

We are asking you to save your laughter about what Lailah Muhammad is doing  in the video and think a little deeper for a moment or at least until you finish reading this  Blog Post.

Just when we thought the dopest thing about Lailah Muhammad was her ability to conquer and slay Beyoncé's dance moves, we find out that she's a woman of many talents.

Add to her credit News Anchor and Professor and you will easily realize that she can do more than pop, twist, turn and shoulder check us with neck a...

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Abornewords Beauty: 20 Year Olds Should Think About Anti Aging & Anti-Aging Too (#GotItFree Lorna Vanderhaeghe Active Collagen)

Posted by Nicole Kim on Saturday, February 20, 2016, In : Beauty 

When you are a 20 years old, you sometimes neglect your body by omitting exercise and may hardly even think about using anti-aging products and may even see it as unimportant. Thankfully when I was around 20 or so I was seriously thinking about pursuing a career in the Medical Field and by the time I was in, I was required to learn the Intergrumentary System down to the atom.

Sidney N. Collier, the Technical College I attended at the time, is known for their advanced cirriculum so the Professo...
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Abornewords Award Shows: The 2016 Essence Black Women In Hollywood To Air On Oprahs OWN (Video)

Posted by Nicole Kim on Thursday, February 18, 2016, In : Award Shows 

The Budgetnista may Tiffany Aliche may not be The ReFashionista but she is doing things to lift up women and help them live their best lives and be more financially sound. Her philosophy, motto or mission is "to create a positive and measurable lifestyle shift, through financial education" so that women can ultimately "Live Richer". Aliche is not the only positive Black Woman to look up to and be inspired by. The star studded Essence Black Women In Hollywood Awards honors Black Women making ...

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Abornewords Music: New Orleans Rapper Ayo PrincezZ Knows How To Bully On A Track

Posted by Nicole Kim on Thursday, February 18, 2016, In : Music 

While everyone is envying Rapper Trina ("The Baddest Bish") for keeping her ear to the street while doing shows, Ayo PrincezZ just keeps putting out that good, showing just how much of a tough nugget she can be in this male dominated Rap Game. You have to just know love when you hear it and this song has a lot of love in it for the Tupac California Audience. You may have to listen intently to catch it but do so and you will hear the love.

Kanye West did a collaboration with Grammy Award Winner...

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Abornewords Celebration: Nice Gunz Niece Awarded A Dare Certificate By School Officials

Posted by Nicole Kim on Friday, February 12, 2016, In : Celebrations 

We have to recognize Snuggs daughterJazz for receiving a certificate of completion, after taking a D.A.R.E course, offered at her junior high school. The D.A.R.E Cirriculim is making is making an impact and Educators dedicated to the cause and also exceeding average contributions will be honored at the 29th Annual Dare International Training Conference. All cost associated with travel, lodging and meals will be included. For more information contact your D.A.R.E America Regional Director at 8...
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Abornewords Celebrations: Mardi Gras Memories With Snugg And Her Snuggles And The Start Of The Lenten Season

Posted by Nicole Kim on Thursday, February 11, 2016,

The little snuggles (Jamon, Chris, and Chuckie D.) getting set for the parade

The Mardi Gras Celebration has ended and as the kids prepare to return to school, many of us are thanking God that we were able to celebrate and really overindulge. The photos we are sharing give you a peek into Snuggs (Rapper Nice Gunz Sister) Family Time from behind the barricades, as they get set to enjoy the parade. Catholics have entered the Lenten Season and are deciding what to give up one or a few of their vi...

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Abornewords Retail: Tiffany's Mentioned In One Fifth Avenue, Their New Airport Location, And More

Posted by Nicole Kim on Monday, February 8, 2016, In : Retail 

Tiffany & Co. Marketing Campaign from Jennifer Murdix

Hold ratings by Financial Analyst' may have some investors in the Stock Market skeptical about Jeweler Tiffany & Co. but we still think the brand is fabulous over here at Abornewords. Their prowess has everything to do with the feeling they create for consumers who see their inventory as being creme de la creme (the very best) and its that type of branding and a few other strategic moves, like their new retail location opening in Sydne...

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Abornewords Health: Walgreens To Release A New Line Of Small Gifts

Posted by Nicole Kim on Saturday, February 6, 2016,

Besides all the hilarious commercials like the one above, including Christy Hatman, a fast talking, Missouri State Champion Auctioneer, Walgreens has a few more Marketing Plans that get an A+. To keep consumers interested in the shopping convenience of Walgreens, the Pharmacy Chain is planning to introduce a line of small gift ideas which may include appetizer plates, candle holders, picture frames and jewelry boxes.

Since their acquisition closed for the purchase Alliance Boots, Walgreens ha...

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Abornewords Celebrations: Photographs, One Fifth Avenue, And Some David Bowie

Posted by Nicole Kim on Wednesday, February 3, 2016, In : Celebrations 

Photographs may cause us to think and avoid apathy but they also allow us to share in the moment no matter what perceptions we form, as we look upon them. It's a true way for us to make meaningful connections and that's why print media in magazines and newspapers will continue to survive in our very digital world. Advertising and Marketing Executives will likely agree with me.

Music can keep us connected too, playing on our emotions, causing tear jerking moments or God forbid, Jazmine Sullivan...

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