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Browsing Archive: May, 2016

Abornewords Fashion: Missoni Is Still Celebrating Their Celebrity Fashion Exposure On Michelle Obama

Posted by Nicole Kim The Blogger on Tuesday, May 31, 2016, In : Celebrities 

Tom and Lorenzo

News on the Obama's post Presidential living arrangements is trending on Global Grind and around the Internet. However, we are still caught up on what First Lady Michelle Obama is wearing for some pretty important events. Missoni, a brand we follow on Instagram, is still flaunting and celebrating Michelle Obama wearing their brand in their Now On images. Though I'm a bit caught up in how fabulous the Peck & Peck Pants (available exclusively at Stein Mart) fit my curves, I must...

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Abornewords Movies: Kelis, A 70's Inspired Dinner Party And The Nice Guys Movie

Posted by Nicole Kim on Friday, May 27, 2016, In : Movies 

Yes, Kelis has a cookbook out called My Life On A Plate! That may be at least 50 percent of the reason she threw a Dinner Party prior to the release of The Nice Guys Movie. Need more deets(details)? Well, it all went down in LA at Estrella in West Hollywood, California. On the menu, meatloaf and shrimp cocktails among other things, all 70's inspired. In line with the theme of the movie which includes Russel Crow and Ryan Gosling, with fashion and attitude to match the times, The Nice Guys Mov...

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Abornewords Delicious: Three Convenience Store Products You Should Try

Posted by Nicole Kim on Saturday, May 21, 2016, In : Delicious 
Red Bull Kiwi Twist

1. Red Bull Kiwi Twist is the perfect change from your regular Red Bull to boost your Summer Energy and energize you through your busy days and nights. It's a new way to quench your thirst and reentergize so that you perform at your best.

Photo Credit: CBS

2. Red, White and Blue Skittles get us ready for Memorial Day, The Forth of July. The patriotic candy colors also add a little sweetness to those times when Trump and Hillary are slinging mud, claiming the other is unqualified and to serve ...

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Abornewords Footwear: Stephen Curry With His Other Half And Under Armour Curry 2.5

Posted by Nicole Kim on Friday, May 20, 2016,

Stephen Curry & Ayesha met at a church youth group, when they were teenagers

Sure there was buzz about Stephen Curry on the heels of Colby retiring and we loved it for so many reasons. New Stars are just born and built to shine. Before Stephen Curry and his family were featured in Patents Magazine and we found out that he wed his wife Ayesha at the tender age of 23, we were blown away, when news spread about President Obama co-signing him and advising the NBA Star on his game. Then there was ...

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Abornewords Celebrations: Yelp And Making New Traditions With Loved One's At KeKe's Breakfast Cafe

Posted by Nicole Kim on Thursday, May 12, 2016, In : Celebrations 

After our children become young adults, they start to do things differently, as far as gifts and celebrating goes. This year my Son Minister Phillips and my future Daugther in law Chanelle decided they would surprise the Mothers in their life. Chanelle's Mother Cyhthia and myself of course were treated to a Mothers Day Breakfast at Keke's Breakfast Cafe. Here are some of the pictures from the Celebration and my review of the outing below.

This Mothers Day was so much fun and it made me realiz...

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Abornewords Celebrations: Nicole Kim The Blogger Celebrates One Year Of Service At Stein Mart Department Store

Posted by Nicole Kim on Monday, May 9, 2016, In : Celebrations 
Nicole Kim The Blogger


It doesn't seem like it's been a year since I started my first day at working as a Service Associate on the cash register, at Stein Mart but about a year has passed and I'm lovin the fact that I have received a favorable review and my 1 year Service pin. As always I'm looking enjoying what I do and setting goals along the way so that I can make achievements and ultimately live better so I continue to look to and be inspired by The Masters. It's the people I most respect who ...

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Abornewords Celebrities: Sway Calloway Interviews Morris Chestnut And His Beard Gets The Attention

Posted by Nicole Kim on Friday, May 6, 2016, In : Celebrities 

Put some respect on Sway Calloway's name! His video interview with Actor Morris Chestnut is the best thing for me to show you right now.

It's not because he is a master at interviewing or because he easily got Chestnut to speak on Steph Curry while making some predictions on which teams and players are balling the best. The video helps us give you so much good information and by the end of this read you will understand why I'm so excited about sharing this interview. Yes, Kobe and Lebron James...

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Abornewords Beauty: Tyra And Her Smize And Streaming Style Code Live And Sephora's Virtual Artist

Posted by Nicole Kim on Monday, May 2, 2016,

Tyra Banks is continuing to build her beauty empire with her Tyra Beauty Cosmetics Line and we can't help but admire her business mind and her smize. Look how her eyes seem to be speaking to us. Its a great photo and the perfect picture to use to tell you about a new free streaming service called Style Code. It's full of tips that will help us to look and feel our best and there is even news about people and products. In the first show, Willow Smith and her new role as Brand Ambassador for Ch...

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Abornewords Music: Nice Gunz Attends Party With Girlfriend Alexis And Plans A Video Release

Posted by Nicole Kim on Monday, May 2, 2016, In : Music 
Rapper Nice Gunz and His Girlfriend Lexi

Rapper Nice Gunz still finds time to have fun, even though he has a lot on his plate. The Hard Life Rapper continues to work on his Music Career, getting money from work and he is staying out of jail and away from those Dirty Cops, he Raps about. Nice is far from sleep on music, as he is still recording new material and planning to release a video so that we can bring our Summer in right. The Ryda Muzik Team has even been dropping hints via @ItsNiceGu...

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