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Browsing Archive: May, 2017

Abornewords Music: Street Dreamz Muzik Releases Nice Gunz Ima Fool Video

Posted by Nicole Kim on Wednesday, May 24, 2017,

New upcoming Rap Artist have to put in work to be noticed, especially when there is so many talented creatives trying to make a name for themselves. New Orleans Artist Nice Gunz is putting in work just like he did when he released his debut mixtape called Triggerz Go No heart I. His Lil Boosie Tribute Song called Feel Like Boosie made his first debut Mixtape sound Dollar Bill Fresh. That's when I knew that Nice Gunz was really all in for competing in the Rap Game. Being inspired and paying ho...

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Abornewords Beauty: Mary Kay CC Cream And The Mary Kay Culture

Posted by Nicole Kim on Monday, May 22, 2017, In : Beauty 

Attending The Small Business Expo really got me pumped about what I do as a Blogger here on Abornewords. Creating content, organizing and managing it takes a lot of hard work. Since I am pursuing more ways to create earning opportunities, I realize I have to start making more appearances and accepting invitations when I get them. That's why when I received a call from Myesha, a Mary Kay Representative who sells under the guidance of Director Gina Allen, stating that I was the winner of a ...

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Abornewords Technology: Febreze One Campaign Is So Much More #GOTITFREE

Posted by Nicole Kim on Friday, May 19, 2017, In : Technology 

The Innovation Diamond is being used in new product development to gain a competitive edge and encourage purchases, brand loyalty and engagement. For consumers that means that brands will likely be doing everything they can to not only distinguish products from competitors, going the extra mile in all aspects of customer interaction.

Febreze One

Millennials have been credited with being the influential because they are suppose to spend more than other target market groups. The Febreze Campaign is not def...

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Abornewords Events: Sahara Rose And Others Used The Small Business Expo To Create Brand Awareness

Posted by Nicole Kim on Friday, May 12, 2017, In : Events 

Businesses and brands are taking advantage of every opportunity to create more brand awareness for the product(s) they sell or offer. Just recently, I attended The Small Business Expo her in Melbourne, Fl. and learned about quite a few businesses and products being offered locally and online in the digital space. I was pumped about attending this event because Sahara Rose, a brand I tested at The French Film Festival was participating so I went out to show support and I purchased the Sahara R...

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Abornewords Advice: Two Political Science Professors And How To Ace Your Digital Interview

Posted by Nicole Kim on Saturday, May 6, 2017, In : Advice 

Political Science Professor Robert Kelly

Before telling you how you can ace your digital interview, I have to name drop a bit so that you will understand that all aspects, interactions and encounters experienced in life, can be useful if you know how to apply the information and make it relevant and relatable. I'm name dropping my former Political Science Professor, Mike Haridopolos. Before he served in the House of Representatives an eventually became a Senator, he was using his brilliance to...

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Abornewords Movies: Idris Elba And Matthew McConaughey Make Movie Magic In The Dark Tower (Video)

Posted by Nicole Kim on Thursday, May 4, 2017, In : Movies 

In theaters August 4th

I thought I had a a story when I was given access to news and photos of British Actor, Idris Elba's Men's Clothing Line called SuperDry. Now I have something even better for Elba's Fans and everyone else.  Its news about a duel between Idris Elba and Lincoln Ambassador, Matthew McConaughey an the reason it makes The Dark Tower Movie sound more adventurous than Universal's Atomic Blonde.  Watching the trailer peaked my curiosity about who will win the battle and save both...

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Triggerz Got No Heart is the Debut Release of New Orleans Artist Nice Gunz featuring Rapper BTY Young'N and a tribute song called Feel Like Boosie.  This release gives fans of that New Orleans sound a chance to experience true hood word play and the creative expression of a real Uptown Dude who grew up in the inner city of New Orleans and found a way to express his real life issues while putting fans up on that real.  It's what's still hot and always relevent.  It's ten songs of that banger music!