How you show your crazy is up to you, but Khloe and Lamar Odom are taking over the Nut Family with their new Wonderful Patashico's Ad ( Watch Here) and it is making married life look crazy cool. They are making couples and balling seem like they go together like mac and cheese. These two love birds are taking the shine away from mixed nuts which are usually very popular on the party tables of fans at game time.  Here's the happy couple all arm and shoulder close.

Lamar & Khloe Arm and Shoulder At Airport 

Well the Lakers are one of the most popular teams in NBA History, but who ever thought Lamar Odom would be the one to bring romance back into the game and make fans love their baller's again.  Forget about the long stall because now it is really only an after thought.  Hail to King Lamar and Queen Khloe for pulling out all the stops to help you find your own romance and share in theirs.  Odom has always made the clean cut look fabulous, but now since he's hitched everyone is taking notice.  Khloe Kardashian has always been pretty too, but now she realizes just how much.  The married life has made her stand out as an individual from the Kardashian clan.  She is absolutely glowing.  Stand down ladies Lamar is a married man.  Khloe has him on locks, and he is making her look like the trophy wife of the century.  Go Odoms!   You deserve each other. This couple seems to be very in love.   Watch the Pitashico's Clip and see what I mean