All you have to do is Axe, if you are a man. This hot and cool line of body washes, body sprays, deodorant and shampoos is really popular with guys who take their grooming routine serious. Everything is there for you to get it done right. The Dark Temptation comes highly recommended. It's sweet scent smells like it has traces of chocolate as part of the components. After the fragrant spray settles, the lure lingers making quite an impression. Men wearing Dark Temptation will certainly get a few compliments in the course of a day. My teenage son gives it an A+ rating. He's even sent me to re up on the body spray once or twice. The cost efficient price is what he says surprised him the most stating "you usually don't get this type of quality at such a low price."

We love Dark Temptation and many of the other fragrances offered by the Axe Brand. Today instead of Dark Temptation, we have a surprise! Axe is planning to flush the market with a brand new Axe product called Sport Blast! Take a look at this new bundle of Axe!


Axe is said to give" guys an edge in the dating game", the new Sport Blast is guaranteed to fly off store shelves and increase sales for Unilever. As a leader in mens care, Axe " is an iconic personal brand around the world that helps guys look, smell, and feel their best.   Look for that new Axe, and ladies if your significant other does not find it first, you have to pick it up for him.   

Photo Credit: PR Newswire