The clean cut is the latest style that many young men seem to be sporting these days. There was a time when the bald fade was the #1 requested cut in the barbers chair. Things aremuch more different today. The young men of today are showing off clean heads more than ever. Abornewords has featured number of men who take pride in wearing their smoothie. Take a look at some of the guys who have graced our pages so far.


Cameron Bailey




Samuel L. Jackson

Micheal Jordan

Rev Run

There are a lot of men who are attached to their strands and refuse to go bald no matter what. There's a lot to take into consideration before makeing the decision to cut it all off. Some of the reasons that may affect your decision are:

  •  receding hairlines
  • thinning
  • health conditions
  • general style 
  • to achieve attractive magnetism  

When Rodell C. Phillips was asked why he decided to go bald, he simply responded by saying that it was a matter of style and personal choice. In a different situation, when men start to notice changes in their growoth patterns they tend to feel ashamed. Feeling of embarrassment are understandable but really unnecessary. Changes in the way we look happen naturally. Besides bald heads are very attrctive. There is also a double standard. Getting a weave or wig is more acceptable for women than a bald head is for men. The Abornewords motto is a common one. To each his own. Bald heads are what we call smoothies. Do you have one?