It's a movie directed by Maneesh Sharma starring Anuska Sharma and Ranveer Singh. In Bollywood, it's all the rave. Want to know how this movie measures up?


The plot stacks up as a classic case of innocence bound to transition into something serious, showing an admirer with stalker like tendencies. How harmless is the presentation of a gift? In this case it serves as an in-between that allows Bittoo Sharma (played by Ranveer Singh) to meet the mystery college student, but the amicable exchange that he may have anticipated erupts into irritation on the part of Shruti Kakkar (played by Anuska Sharma).  Then, boy how things change!  Bittoo hoping to escape the simple life or working in the fields with his father, fabricates plans of a business venture with Shruti the college student he only knows in passing. Bittoo goes to Shruti with the idea about the business opportunity and Shruti's is resistant. However, her own desire to pursue her dream career as a wedding planner seems to make the proposal more attractive. She unites with Bittoo for the business venture, and the plot thickens. Band Baaja Baaraat, the director, and these two leading actors have been recognized for their talent and have also received countless awards. Stardust, Filmfare, Apsara and the list goes on. Great Movies like this keep you guessing and wanting more. As our curiosity draws us into new interest, we will share everything with you all.  This Romantic Comedy seems to be worth seeing.