Being catagorized as a plus size woman when you are a size 12 is not acceptable to some women. It bothers them to be called plus sized, but plus is just a label. Yeah, it may make some people feel better aobut themselves, but it can also be their way of baragging about their ablility to stay in a size four. Either way, you have to decide what's a good size for your body type and you certainly have to be okay if your dress size is a six or an eight. To me, even if you are a size 22 or larger, you should love yourself. It all starts with how you feel on the inside. Next is the million dollar question: Are you healthy? Working on making daily improvements will get you to a new place in life.

Defining your comfort level as far as labels go is up to you. The way you make outfit choices is what will help you to look and feel your best. The clothes and lingerie has to fit right! That's where Bare Plus by Bare Necessities comes into the mix. Bare Neccessities shapers come highly recommended, so I trust any project that they are involved in that helps women. Bare Plus will feature a huge bar collection. Something for every cup size will provide unlimited choices for every woamn. One thousand styles are more than enough to choose from. The best part about the website for many women will be its creation because of the privacy aspect. Women often prefer to shop for personal items like lingerie on the internet anyway. There is a lot of freedom and comfort associated with doing so. Plus, you get more variety at the click of the mouse. You can move from item to item to check out the features and price. Great!

Bare Necessities is committed to serving the needs of the voluptuous woman. Bare Plus is allowing Bar Necessities to continue to connect with all women. The marketing plans of the company campaign will line up with the concept of Bare Plus by Bare necessities. Jay Dunn the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) formerly worked for Lane Bryant. Everyone at Bare Necesities seems to trust her experience. Bare Plus is structured to help larger woman realize that they have a place in this material world, a place that was created just for them. Customers will be able to tabulate between the Bare Plus and Bare necessities sites.

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Photo Credit: PR News Wire