Michelle Obama is no stranger to getting her knees and hands dirty; she has been down in the soil in quite a few cities these days. She is the most active First Lady we have ever seen. Planning and planting for a better tomorrow. The Let's Move Initiative gave her a platform to encourage families to take a health and wellness stance and her position it to show her compassion for people and the obesity challenge, as she outlined real common sense solutions. Now she is on the campaign trail giving the assist to hubby Barrack Obama. How good does it get for us, in this Digital Age full of tweets and profiles, with this Political Powerhouse Couple? We will tell you! So good that President Barrack Obama makes an appearance in good old Brevard County today. News reports have announced a scheduled appearance at F.I.T. (Florida Institute of Technology). Getting tickets was not easy, according to some news reports. We missed our chance to attend, but knowing that he'll be here is enough for an onset mood of peace and relief. We will certainly be checking the Internet for the latest from the campaign trail. Those of you who were blessed to get tickets are probably smiling from ear to ear. No more Internet gazing for you lucky people. With tickets in hand, you will be present to listen as President Obamaaddresses the concerns of our Nation and the World. Not registered? We can help you get a little closer to the poll lines using this Commit to Vote app. Help Obama Get Elected