It seems like a little birdy must have have perched on Beyonce's shoulder and whispered all the gossip that had been circulating around the hood about her precious, little flower Blue Ivy. As can be expected from the numerous times that we have seen the Carter child wrapped up and covered, protected from the lenses of the curious paparazzi camera. Everyone had started to wonder about Blue Ivy's Beauty Card. Sure, everyone had her beautiful newborn picture in their minds as a template of judgement, but Beyonce turned the inquisitive thinkers into hopeless gossips by shielding Blue Ivy like one of the Jacksons.

The reason everyone was talking is because in the black community it is just customary to talk about newborn babies and funerals. In talking beauty and the ceremonial funeral arrangement and general behavioral manners of family and friends are often discussed to detail. Someone who I want to introduce to you on this blog is a woman who goes by the name of Snugg. Here's a picture of Snugg.


Snugg is the sister of Gunna the New orleans Rapper who you have probably read about on this very blog. Snugg is the woman who leaked what many of you were probably thinking or secretly wondering saying "That ***kin' baby must be ugly" is what everyone started to say. Beyonce put all the gossip to rest by releasing a few pictures, one (of which) shows Blue Ivy Carter looking as beautiful as ever nestled in the arms of her mother. Here is the photo of the little vision of loveliness.

A more logical explanation other than Beyonce wanting to protect the early years of her childs celebrity lifestyle is to secure the entire family's celebrity status. Simply put, to keep from being famous just to be famous. In other words, wanting to secure their future earning potential. The legacy of the Carters is at stake and free does not pay the bills. The next time you are questioning the why of someones Beauty Card or some other mysterious behavior, trust their wisdom and keep it moving. The Carters are beautiful people.