Say what? You are reading it right! Maybe you've seen it for the second or third time or some other number that makes it repetitive. It's all so necessary no matter how many times you can count the reveal. Talk to the hand if you have forgotten how fly a pregnant woman could be. Who does pose and turn better than the blonde who made putting a ring on it popular in a song and flashing it the new sign of step up and be a man? Nobody that I elect to tell you about at this very moment, so here you have her showing off her all so pregnant style at the launch of her DVD "Live at Roseland Elements of 4" at the Paris Theater in New York.

Non-Exclusive2011 Nov 20 - Beyonce Knowles shows off her baby bump at the launch of her DVD 'Live at Roseland' at the Paris Theater. Photo Credit Jackson Lee


We bring you this story now because we are aware that Mrs. Carter will be delivering a bundle of joy real soon, so we wanted to send you a reminder of what is, what's to come, and what happened at Roseland. Loving Beyonce is not hard for females who are about their business. She has been about getting it done since all the way back to Independent Ladies. Today she is no different, but she is much wiser, and Beyonce is showing you just how much on the latest footage from the Roseland Ball Room. On stage, she always gives 200%. Remember when she took a fall (got up) and kept performing? No you haters, she didn't just do that for attention! She is not a stunt woman! Laugh if you want too, but it was that type of passion and dedication that made her create Live at Roseland for her fans. On the DVD you get Beyonce, her true voice, and her talented singing and dancing. Want to own a part of entertainment history? Get It Now   

Get Ready To Welcome Baby Carter