There is nothing that could be so stricking as a photo besides capturing the actual act and being lucky enough to be in that moment which is really all one snapshot really is anyway. A moment in time that can only be recreated but surely one that you can not get back. The photo below was taken of (Rutger Hauer) who plays Ingrid's (played by Carice Van Houten) father in the movie Black Butterflies. It depicts him as he disapproves her writing.

Ingrid's father, the minister of censorship in South Africa's apartheid regime disapproves her writings


When I first saw it, Hauer's pondering caught my attention, so I read the caption. After that little episode, I felt a great deal of happiness inside. It was not because I approved of what this father was doing in this scene. The happiness coupled with on the verge laughter came from just me knowing that the rebellious spirit often exist in many children and parents. As you observe the photo, empathize and also remember your own run-ins with your daddy. You will be surprised how funny things are once you have grown up and triumphed a few difficult situations. You begin to appreciate lessons learned for the good or the ones you learned the hard way. Here's the DVD Jacket for the movie just in case you missed it or want to see the actress who helped bring Ingrid Jonker's story to life.       

Gregg Latter is responsible for the written work of brilliance that was directed by Paula der Oest. This movie had actually grossed over 1,228,000 in the Netherlands at the beginning of the summer. To all the fathers out there Abornewords salutes you.