A blossom represents a transformation and flowers often come to mind before anyone thinks of personal growth or moving from one state of being to another when thinking of butterflies . The movie, Black Butterflies is not for closed minds. The character Ingrid Jonker played by Carice Van Houten is much to complicated to settle for partial attitudes. The synopsis explains a character who has compassion for others and one who is desperately searching for acceptance from her father and love from a significant other. Jonker seems to be a woman who is an extremely gifted writer during a time of political upheaval. Take a look at some of these beautiful stills from the movie as she spends time with one of the men in her life, Jack Cope played by Liam Cunningham.

Look how happy she looks alone

Her sensitivity and compassion for those who were oppressed is probably what made her document with such great expression in her writing and was also probably the reason she spread her love far and wide, having numerous affairs. Carice Van Houten was able to tell the story of a courageous woman, Ingrid Jonker, with opposing beliefs that were not parallel to her fathers. Abraham Jonker, played by Rutger Hauer portrays a Minister of Censorship. The passion Ingrid Jonker showed in her writing did not spill over into her personal life, as she always seemed to be searching. The seemingly complicated story is now available on Instant Video, so plan to watch soon. The film was previously released in the Netherlands.

Carice Van Houten was honored by the Tribeca Film Festival, receiving a Best Actress Award in 2011.

Photo Credit: Jaap Vrenegoo