It is hard for some color critics to get useto the idea of seeing darker skin ladies wearing shade of pink. The softness of the color should change their mind because pairing it with dark colors or dark skin really evens it out, creating a balanced look. It does not matter if it's a pink top, pink skirt, or pink pants. The critics find something wrong with coordinating pink with dark skin. I love the color pink and do not see anything wrong with the pink against my deep brown skin. Take a look at me rocking different shades of pink on the casual.

In the photo we pretty much even out right? The shades of pink are not too loud and my skin seems to be glowing. I am wearing pink lipstick in the photo. However, there is always darker skin women who will say "I will never wear pink lipstick." However, I have learned that we should respect the fashion and makeup decisions of our peers. After all, our fashion and makeup choices should be something that makes us radiate a type of light. When we get it right, people will notice.  If you would like to comment about my look, make suggestions, or give me a thumbs up, leave me a video message above using open-tok.