Brokenhearted and nestled in the comfor of your home? It is no surprise that all to often ice cream is the break up food of choice when things go wrong and relationships end abruptly. Well, variety never hurt anybody. I'm not talking Neopolitian either, at least not in a bowl while wearing your favorite slippers. The break up binge is dead! An alternative course takes you down a path leading to everything diary. The perfect option. Instead of staying home feeling sorry for yourself, travel to a diary farn or factory and experience something more than what's in your dessert dish. The top five picks from CNN include:

1. Hansens Dairy (Hudson, Iowa)
2. Ben & Jerry (Waterbury, Vermont)
3. Boulder Ice Cream (organic)(Boulder, Colorado)
4. Homeland Creamery (Julian, North Carolina)
5. Hilmar Cheese Company (Hilmar, California)
The Abornewords 6th pick is Blue Bell Creamery (Brenham, Texas), and that's just because Blue Bell Ice Cream is our favorite Brand. Check out thisvideo so you can see how Blue Bell work its magic.

The Bannana Pudding flavored Blue Bell Ice Cream is our favorite. We have it on all of our special occasions. Attending any one of these ice tours will be a treat, and also a wonderful way to start enjoying the single life again.  Additionally, there is book available celebrating Blue Bells 100 years that takes you on a journey detailing the ice cream giants origination and other details.

Here's how it's description reads:

Filled from cover to cover with historic photographs, colorful artwork, vintage ads, and interesting facts, the book gives readers a taste of what makes Blue Bell “the best ice cream in the country.” The story begins when Blue Bell wasn’t called Blue Bell and didn’t yet make ice cream, takes readers through three generations of the family-run business, and culminates with details about the company’s special centennial f