The concept of One Love sent out a message that promoted unity. Being able to recognize that loving each other is what truly makes us one has now carried over into something that we can not only listen to but consume. Thier called Marley's Mellow Mood, it's tea that comes in different flavors. Many of you get a picture like the one shown below in your head, when you think of Bob Marley.

Bob Marley will always be someone that everyone loves and for different reasons. He is really a symbol of the feel good lifestyle that many still associate with the hippie era. Take a look at a slideshow that may remind you of an era you grew up in, something you learned in school, or maybe amovie you so happen to see on television. See if it makes you think about the message in Bob Marley's One Love .

Bob Marley's time will never be past. In image and in sound, he is a type of forever classic. That's what makes his legacy so memorable. The Mellow Mood Teas are now paving the way for everyone to really be a part of Marley's One Love message. These teas taste great and relaxation happens naturally in no time flat. You will certainly have no trouble falling asleep, after drinking one of these. Insomniacs this works even better than Melatonin . If you have trouble getting to slee, give Bob Marley Mellow Mood Teas a try. You will feel Marley's One Love Message! It is your duty to spread the word so that everyone will know about these great products.