The next best thing since Tweezerman is what we are calling the Sally Hansen Beauty Tools that are neatly packaged in see through luxe looking beauty trays.  Besides the branding the trays add to the presentation and make the tools look a little more fancy.    

Getting the ultimate make over is that one thing that can make you feel like a million bucks. Nothing is wrong with that either. A part of that high comes from letting go of something old and replacing it with something new. That feeling of newness is what we want you to focus on when you think of the Sally Hansen Beauty Tools. Take a look at a few items from the Sally Hansen Beauty Tools Collection.

When I first saw these beauty tools, I told my team that we have to tell people about what Sally Hansen has to offer. The Sally Hansen Beauty Tools Collection is more than a few steps higher than the average beauty tools being marketed in convenience stores.  Anything branded with a name somehow symbolizes longevity.  Something that will last forever. There is just that expectation and a sense of more quality.  That's the type of impression to create, and the message(s) that brand representatives should communicate to the consumer.  Sally Hansen scored big with this line.  Consumers may not be thinking along these lines when it comes to beauty tools, but they will surely be in line with the thought of feeling special, new, or pampered.  Who does not want to be King or Queen for a day, a hour, or even a measly 15 minutes.  In the busy everyday life of most working Americans involved in business, down time often involves doing something special for ones self.  Manicures, pedicures, or personal grooming of some sort, falls right into that category.  Retirees are also looking for ways to feel new and refreshed.  Sally Hansen Beauty Tools certainly has something available to meet the needs of any consumer who appreciates quality.  Another fun thing about the Sally Hansen Collection is the catch phrases included on the package. Raise some brows, Clip 'n catch, Get in shape, and Ahead of the Curve are a few of the phrases that are sure to catch the consumers eye.  Take your grooming routine and products seriously and feel new again with Sally Hansen.