Before Brandy ever made us love her song bird sound, she built a name for herself in television on sitcoms like Thea and Moesha. Those were the days when television was fun because of her sunshine personality. There is no denying the fact that Brandy Norwood has serious acting skills. She can easily adapt to any role and bring that realness to a character that keeps you glued in until the end. Believable and real is the only way to describe her on screen track record. Her latest video and callabo with songstress Monica for the song It All Belongs To Me is well constructed and has a Hollywood feel to it. Here is Brandy looking video girl ready!

Monica & Brandy

Yes everyone, she was born a superstar. Brandy is looking better than ever. Taking on the world and whatever comes her way will be easy. After Whitney Houston's death, there were many reports that questioned Brandy's state of mind concerning the incident, and even more hype about her landing the lead role as Whitney Houston in an upcoming film. A role like that is just what Brandy needs to make her comeback on the big screen. Whatever the case may be, Brandy has the credentials, skills, and chops to pull it off.

The new video for It All Belongs To Me shows you not only that Brandy is ready for the big screen, but that she is the epitome of timeless beauty. Something else to remember about Brandy is that she wore her crown way before we ever had a chance to see Anika Rose's animated Disney performance. Brandy is more than deserving of another Cinderella moment.