You know you want it! Getting in on the hottest must have items is how you make sure you stay on point. Telling yourself you deserve it sometimes forces you into a purchase, even when you know it will set you back a few bills. Many of you have been in this unfortunate situation, as you salivate over your favorite brands. It is easy to relate to for sure. When the retail price is out of your range, what's next? The answer is simple; proper planning and good alternative choices.

Missoni is the brand that is known for their signature zig-zag design pattern. Etched and sketched to perfection and recognizable on sight. Brand Missoni loves to collaborate with other brands. The Mega Brand did just that with Converse; the result: Missoni Chuck Taylor Converse. The Converse look great and will set you back like buying a pair of Jordan's would on a part time paycheck. The cost: $200! A light bill payment for sure. Want to see how Missoni stacks in the style department? Check out these pictures.


The sneakers continue to sell out at shopping hot spots like Saks Firth Ave. Consumers with a little brand knowledge have radared in on Missoni's Converse Sneakers because of the brands popularity. Yes, the Italian Fashion House Designer is raking in big money from a new group of shoppers who may have passed on more expensive products in their fashion line, but dressing up feet seems to open the doors of Missoni opportunity for consumers who are counting their pennies and saving extra cash for retirement. If Missoni's Chuck Taylor Converse are still to much for your budget, thee is still hope for you yet.

Missoni also collaborated with Havaianas to create some of the hottest beach slides (flip-flops) on the market. Here are some of the Missoni Havaianas; an affordable alternative.


These casual, little flip-flops are an affordable brand choice with a retail price of $50-$70. You gotta love Missoni for collaborating with Havaianas. When companies are creating business mergers, they are collaborating through design and fundraising projects. Doing so provides consumers with an opportunity to experience new products. For consumers shopping on a budget, looking for optional products offered by the brand, at cheaper prices is the best thing to do. Brand collaborations not only help create new price points for more expensive brands, it also helps to introduce brands to a new customer base, creating brand exposure and increased profits. The right brand choice just feels right! 

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