A common mistake many women make is coasting through youth without realizing the power of the primp. Take advantage of what you are exposed to as a child. Watching the way mom or some other family member apply their favorite products is how most of us learn about beauty products. The key is taking advantage of that knowledge as you grow older. Knowing where to go to buy that hot item is just as important as knowing what to buy. Department Stores and Drugstores are great places to go when you need a little guidance. The Beauty Advisers are always great at helping you to decide what works best for you. Fashion Fair is a brand that I am very familiar with because it is my mothers favorite. However, because I was a late bloomer it affected how I made my purchases later on. In my case, I had to learn what worked for me through trial and error. Even when I wasn't into makeup, I still knew something had to be done about my chapped lips.

I understand that some women just can't fix their lips to pucker up and apply lipstick. Either they have never worn it, the coverage is too heavy, or their boyfriend said no. Okay, all of that is great and nothing is wrong with going natural or bare lipped, as some would call it. The alternative is still worth exploring. One thing that I have always been sure of without a doubt is that chapped lips can destroy a look and a kiss. That's why you have to know about a great product that can help you to look fresh and natural; all at the same time. Take a look at the perfect product that will work for you even if you hate lipstick or if you are a newbie beauty purchaser.

These Burt's Bee's lip shimmer products are 100% all natural and they are a great option for moisture retention. The new shades featured in the gallery are cherry , plum, and strawberry. Twelve other shades are also available at your local Drugstore. Your best doesn't always mean putting on a full face of layering lipstick. Burt's Bee's is a good option for the times when you want to use light coverage and smooth lips to do the trick. Remember ladies, it is all about feeling good and being fabulous. Some of you real divas know that you cant go to bed without that extra touch of something. I know going to sleep and waking up looking your best is very important. Why not let that little something extra be a touch of Burt's Bees?