Recently, Run DMC just performed at the Made In America Festival in Philadelphia. We know it was a site to see. Rev Run and DMC did rock it out too, by performing the song that plays through like heavy metal on the rap track, "Walk This Way.". Rev Runs music credits seem to never end just like his business hustle. Rev Run has an affordable, quality sneaker on the market. Before Dwight Howard ever stepped into his first pair of Adidas, Run DMC was credited by many as being responsible for the Adidas proliferation in the Black Community, after the release of My Adidas in the 90's. Contrary to what you may believe, as far as we know, Adidas is not involved with the Run Athletics Sneaker being sold at Sears Department Stores. However, rumor has it that Adidas wants to release a Millennial Sneaker, making Runs son Diggy a Brand Ambassador.

Rev Runs entire family is featured on episodes of Run House, an MTV favorite show in most households with school-aged children. The family dynamic reveals real life struggles and lessons learned amid family and life in the fast lane. Rev Run (labeled prosperity preacher by brother Russel Simmons) leads his family on the show as the scenes play out their larger than life personalities. Families in all cultures can take note from this Rapper Daddy and business moguls Bath tub Philosophy that is laced with scripture teachings. I could hear Justine Simmons (his wife) knocking for her beloved saying something like: Joey Adidas is on the phone. Can you hear it too? Do you think Diggy should get an Adidas deal? Leave me a video message above telling me what you think using your web camera.

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