Away with the Chicken Noodle! You may be persuaded to try another Campbell's classic soup, after I tell you how tasty Campbell's Tomato Soup can be. Eating the creamy, tomato soup alone will satisfy your taste buds and warm your belly without any extras. However, putting a spin on your tomato soup will flavor up the dish and also make your sick days a lot easier.

Campbell's Tomato Soup Can

There need not be to many fancy dashing added into your soup bowl but an easy suggestion is your favorite cheese. My personal favorite is Pepperjack Cheese. Here's how it's done. Sprinkle your shredded cheese over the top of your steaming hot Tomato Soup, allow it to cool for a couple of minutes, and then you get to eat a dish that is lick your lips yummy. In cases of sickness, adding water for a thinner texture and reducing the amount of cheese will probably work better for some. Either way, Campbell's Soup is good in sickness and in health. If you must go Chicken Noodle, choose Campbell's.