Cannes Movie Stars Lounge turns out to be more than just an ordinary set up companion to the actual Cannes Film Festival. Opening day of the Cannes Film Festival came in with a bang (as the perfect layout spot) for many of your favorite stars with fancy furniture situated in comfortable cozy area of the Hotel Martinez. Conversations between the stars, and eager reporters hanging on every word, is the picture that kept playing 10 times over in my mind cloud. The juicy is when all those nagging questions get answered. I would have loved to be an ear at the table, during opening day. An inquisitive nature is something that is just like the feeling in your core when instinct kicks in on high, you just know it's a part of you as a writer. Curiosity and wonder are the tools that create experiences on paper. This photographic tell all should create one for you. Here is a shot of the spot before the stars arrived!


The Lounge plays host to the First edition of The Cannes Movie Stars Photography Award which is dedicated to all the great photography at the festival. The big press interviews also happen in these very areas. Round table interviews is a more organized way to get the scoop from the stars. Imagine how many stars have been socializing in these areas. Sounds very exciting! Some of the event partners are Getty Images, Vanity Fair, and Montbel

Here is one arrival that had head turning, Chinese film producer James Wang arriving in a Lamborghini with a mysterious blonde girl. Wang is the Painted Skin 2 Executive Producer. Click the star  to see the trailer for the movie.  It contains lots of interesting effects. Producer James Wang seemed to be socializing and enjoying himself one he started to settle in with the crowd. Take a look at the car arrival and Wang with a slight grin on his face.

Seems like the movie will have a lot of interesting effects. We are not sure if the film what markets the film will premiere in to date. All we do know is that James Wang knows how to make an entrance. Looks like everything went well in the Cannes Movie Stars Lounge.