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Abornewords Delicious: Here's Why We Think Leah Vernon May Be Reading Weight Watchers

Posted by Nicole Kim on Wednesday, October 31, 2018, In : Delicious 

A photo of Plus Size Model and Detroit Blogger Leah Vernon guzzling down pizza in bed is floating around the digital space and on Social Media Platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Surprised? When the photo surfaced, I was too. I also passed on liking it because it looked cheesy, just like the pizza she was consuming y'all.

Leah Vernon considers most of what she shares to be art and there may be more to Leah Vernon's Food Porn Image than meets the eye. The accomplished Fashionista who is mak...

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Abornewords Delicious: Kelis Demonstrates How To Make Mac & Cheese Without The Chemicals

Posted by Nicole Kim on Wednesday, April 4, 2018, In : Delicious 

According to Roni Caryn Rabin, chemicals called phthalates migrate their way into the powdered cheese from the package and equipment used during manufacturing. Mom's beware! You, hubby, the kids and Granny may be in danger of consuming these chemicals so my advice is to do hat Chef Kelis is doing and use shredded cheese to reduce the risk of exposure. If the warning label disclosing the risk of cancer on cigarette packages can not scare smokers into quitting that nasty habit, I am sure the fa...

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Abornewords Delicious: Ms Linda's YAKA Mein VS Ducks Eatery In New York

Posted by Nicole Kim on Sunday, March 4, 2018, In : Delicious 

Not really sure if you are craving starches right now but i can not resist sharing Kelis' Coconut Jerk Purple Potato Reipe. If you want it, Lenny has the deets here. I would so love to go on bragging about Kelis' Life On A Plate and her famous Bounty & Full Sauces which are not available online at Walmart but I kind of got distracted and reminded of the good, savory flavor of Yaka Mein like my Brother use to make when he was home and free to roam and mingle.

Anyway, Zagat did an investigation ...

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Abornewords Delicious: Food Aversions Will Still Happen After Baby Is Born

Posted by Nicole Kim on Wednesday, February 21, 2018, In : Delicious 

"Sending your partner out on a midnight ice cream run? Grabbing a jar of pickles for breakfast? Food cravings are so expected during pregnancy, they’re a familiar cliché. But what about food aversions? If you were expecting that you’d want to eat everything in sight while pregnant, then your sudden hatred of what used to be your favorite snack might take you by surprise".-----Healthline

After watching this Chex Mix Commercial, I started to think about Food Aversions which is a term I lea...

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Abornewords Delicious: Khloe's In The Kitchen On National Cheesecake Day

Posted by Nicole Kim on Sunday, July 30, 2017, In : Delicious 

It’s National Cheesecake Day so we just had to share Khloe Kardashian since she took some time to put on an apron and make a Wonder Woman attempt at baking a cheesecake. I chose to share Khloe because I actually have a Great Niece named Khloe who I have yet to meet but just know that I am working on making a connection with my estranged Niece so that I can get to know her and little Khloe. Anyhoo, let’s get back to Khloe who is seen in the photo above whipping up a cheesecake.

Everyone see...

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Abornewords Delicious: Making Food Fun With A Prego Pizza Fries Recipe

Posted by Nicole Kim on Wednesday, March 29, 2017, In : Delicious 

Making meal time fun is one way to get the family together and talking at the Dinner Table, if you happen to be dining with your loved ones. Any who, I was able to get my hands on a Prego Recipe Book and I realized that by getting creative, food can be fun and filling.

In the Prego Recipe Book, I chose recipe #11, Pizza Fries because my Mum often made homemade fries for dinner and it didn't matter if she was pairing them with fried chicken wings or baked ones, they always hit the spot so I th...

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Abornewords Delicious: Savannah's Simple Snacks (Ritz Crackers)

Posted by Nicole Kim on Wednesday, June 1, 2016, In : Delicious 

Little Miss Peanut is part of her You Tube Handle but her Mum, Tasha, named her Savannah. She's doing something that  will hopefully give our kids ideas on some pretty cool snacks they can eat and prepare with little or no help from their parents.

Parents can also take advantage of using videos like these to inspire independence and good behavior in their children. Snacking after school is something that most kids look forward to since quite a few hours pass between lunch and dinner time. That...

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Abornewords Delicious: Three Convenience Store Products You Should Try

Posted by Nicole Kim on Saturday, May 21, 2016, In : Delicious 
Red Bull Kiwi Twist

1. Red Bull Kiwi Twist is the perfect change from your regular Red Bull to boost your Summer Energy and energize you through your busy days and nights. It's a new way to quench your thirst and reentergize so that you perform at your best.

Photo Credit: CBS

2. Red, White and Blue Skittles get us ready for Memorial Day, The Forth of July. The patriotic candy colors also add a little sweetness to those times when Trump and Hillary are slinging mud, claiming the other is unqualified and to serve ...

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Abornewords Delicious: Deviating Your Fitness Routine And Diet (Weight Watchers Chicken Tandoori Recipe)

Posted by Nicole Kim on Friday, July 3, 2015, In : Delicious 

Our desire for stability can sometimes cause us to be less efficient at performing activities of daily living, work task and more. We can either become bored, burnt out or feel trapped, if we are not careful to change the patterns in our lives and color outside of the line a bit. Our bodies can even have negative responses when we fail to change or alternate our routines. When I was attending Nursing School and working in the field as a Nursing Assistant, I learned that this could happen wit...

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Abornewords Delicious: No More Cheese And Crackers! Lipton Tea And Ritz Crackers Sounds Good

Posted by Nicole Kim on Friday, May 22, 2015, In : Delicious 

Photo Credit: online coupon savings

Not solid gold rich.Golden baked rich. Life's rich!

Ritz Crackers were my Great Aunts favorite! As she aged, stopped going on her once a month shopping sprees and let others cater to her needs. Of course she didn't mind paying for the convenience either but at age 95 there was no changing her routine or tastebuds. That's why, she wouldn't eat any other cracker brand. I knew not to even try to bring a substitute; she would not eat it.

Lately, I have been drink...

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Abornewords Delicious: Insights On The Popular Brands That Ended Up On Our Thanksgiving Tables (My Voice Community Insights)

Posted by Nicole Kim on Friday, December 5, 2014, In : Delicious 
This just in! The Brand Love On Our Thanksgiving Table looked a lot like this, according to My Voice Community Insights.

This year, we didn't have to look far to count our blessings in my home. The Thanksgiving meal was more than enough to confirm that we had lots to be thankful for. Turkey and dressing always end up being the food items that we eat most and the ones that are most popular in my home. Butterball Turkey is usually what I choose to prepare on Thanksgiving, when my budget permits....

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Abornewords Delicious: Sunday Dinner With Rev Run And His Family Starts Sunday

Posted by Nicole Kim on Friday, June 6, 2014, In : Delicious 

Okay so we could not resist sharing another one of our favorite Rappers, Rev Run. Yes, he's taking his career and family on a journey with him! First, he became a DJ and has been actively using his skills on the club scene for quite a while now. The family seems to be joining in, Diggy making appearances with him and Angela actually on the turn tables, recently. The transition just seemed natural, after all he is Rev Run. Next, his time in TV is still attracting networks! The Cooking Channel ...

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Abornewords Delicious: Kelis Is Ready To Drizzle Us With Sauce In 2014

Posted by Nicole Kim on Monday, January 6, 2014, In : Delicious 

"We Imagine that her sauce smells like Soul Food"

There is no confusion or change of plans associated with the release of Kelis' Food Album. She is still planning to lace the game with the game with music this April.

We got a taste of what's to come with her Jerk Ribs Release. We are just waiting for more music appetizers to make up the complete music meal, from a more seasoned Kelis.

We are not worried that Kelis won't deliver. Adding up Mommy, wife, Chef, and Songstress can mean only one...

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Abornewords Delicious: New Years Food Traditions Can Be Remixed

Posted by Nicole Kim on Monday, December 30, 2013, In : Delicious 

Cooking is always a big part of New years in my household. The traditional routine over the years, since as far back as I can remember has been to cook black eye peas and something green (cabbage or greens).

I found a great recipe on the Gianda De Laurentiis Website for Italian Fried Olives a few months ago. It was something fresh and new and I’m so thrilled that I tried them. They tasted absolutely delicious. They were a hit in my household.

Traditions can be an important aspect of family...

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Abornewords Delicious: What's On Your Plate?

Posted by Nicole K. on Sunday, December 30, 2012, In : Delicious 
Thought Cloud

Let's take the concept of what's on your plate and explore it using a few different concepts. Our expectation here at Abornewords is that you will enjoy all it has to offer.

This season and into the New Year is always so festive. From gifts and mealtime to drinks and ringing in the New Year, we are enjoying the celebrations as the New year approaches.

The microwave turned amateur chef What's On Your Plate Concept

Mealtime may be a little bit different for all of us, like in the mov...

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Abornewords Delicious: Hot Pockets Has Gone Hip Hop

Posted by Nicole K. on Friday, November 2, 2012, In : Delicious 
Snoop Lion's Beautiful

It's time to feed our family ladies!

Hot Pockets is trying one thing that seems to be West Coast Cool for the Hip-Hop World! Their little convenient boxes of Hot Pockets have always worked to satisfy hungry crazed family members. From kids to adults these snacks have made families choose their delicious varieties from the grocers freezer. Lunchtime, dinner time, you name it. These fun filled goodies are perfect anytime of the day. A new day has definitely arrived for Hot ...

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Abornewords Delicious: Pumpkin Spice The Flavor of The Season

Posted by Nicole K. on Wednesday, October 17, 2012, In : Delicious 
Krispie Kremes & IHop

There is nothing like smelling pleasant aromas lingering in the air. Baking always seems to stimulate stronger urges for sweets that are full of empty calories. Doughnuts have long been labeled one of the best companions to a glass of milk, even over Oreos in some households. They are a favorite pick for a quick breakfast and a sweet tooth fix, if you ask the right person. Yummy! The most popular flavor this season seems to be Pumpkin Spice. All kinds of products are hitt...

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Abornewords Del-icious: Annie's Pizza Tour Coming To A City Near You

Posted by Nicole K. Phillips on Sunday, September 23, 2012, In : Delicious 

Moms Meet Bloggertunity


Ooey gooey, for as long as we can remember, pizza has always been associated with fun.  From movie night to the cafeteria lunch room, pizza creates feelings of euphoria and can't wait attitudes for children who are ready to take a bite.  Yummy yummy!  We have good news for all the moms out there who love to prepare meals in 30 minutes or less.  Recently, Michelle Obama sat down with Dr. Oz or chat about Let's Move and mealtime. Those important topics that make up a recu...

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