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Abornewords Beauty: CND Featured On The Runway Showing Off Delightful Nail Designs

Posted by Nicole Kim on Thursday, April 2, 2015, In : Nail Color 

Good Customer Service has to involve giving customers an experience they will remember, delighting them to the point of inspiration. Nail Technicians are doing just that, everyday! Eccentric Nail Designs created by talented Nail Technicians are showing up on the runway. Here are a few memorable looks that match the a few of the looks being paraded on the catwalk by Designers.

NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 08: A moldel walks the runway at CND for Libertine S/S 2015 on September 8, 2014 in New York ...

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Abornewords Beauty: Nails Are A Girls Quickest Way To Cute

Posted by Nicole K. on Friday, March 1, 2013, In : Nail Color 
So Nail Catty

In an industry to preoccupied with the miles and methods leading to beauty, the look of girls and women becomes the focus of attention sooner than later. A mothers quest, to beautify her clan, often starts with dolling up her girl(s). For growing infants, bows, barettes, and ribbons placed in the hair, included on clothes, or adorning the shoes, is the first beauty phase of preparation for girls.

The beginning of the beauty file starts there. How it continues and where it goes f...

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Nail Polish Palettes: Summer Seasons New Obsession

Posted by Nicole K. on Monday, June 25, 2012, In : Nail Color 

There is always a nail revolution happening in retail outlets between popular brands, now it's The Brightest Neon Palette from Revlon and The Mirror Metallics from brand Essie. Want to know who's taking the lead? The trend for popping nail color battles evens out a lot, but this time by popular demand Revlon has taken the title for most charismatic, due to the new edge and dual color applicator. Take a look at the trend that helped to pull Revlon over the top.

Gradient Polishing is the n...

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Essie Nail Polish: Neon Shades And Celebrity Hands Are Up Next

Posted by Nicole K. on Thursday, April 19, 2012, In : Nail Color 

"she been addicted to manicures since age 12 and lauched her obsession into a hugely successful business starting with just a dozen colors"

The perfect time to show off the fun of this season has arrived. The sun high in the sky gives way for the cute clothes, sun dresses, flip flops, and bright colors that spell schoolgirl cool. With bright colors in mind, we will take this opportunity to tell you why we believe you should pick up one or all of the new Neon Nail Polishes available from th...

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Obsess Over the Luxeffects Collection: He May Even Ask For Your Hand In Carriage

Posted by Nicole K. on Tuesday, January 10, 2012, In : Nail Color 

For every woman who has ever tried to avoid obsessing over every new cosmetic product that hits the market, you amy not be able to resist this one. What cosmetic product could possibly sway you to enter into the forbidden one of crazy about it can't live without it? I'll give you a few hints before I tell you. Does an obsession for color or a cherry on top ring any bells? What about school of hard rocks, cocktail bling, or size matters. Do any of those phrases mean anything to you? Well I sa...

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