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Abornewords Retail: Tiffany's Mentioned In One Fifth Avenue, Their New Airport Location, And More

Posted by Nicole Kim on Monday, February 8, 2016, In : Retail 

Tiffany & Co. Marketing Campaign from Jennifer Murdix

Hold ratings by Financial Analyst' may have some investors in the Stock Market skeptical about Jeweler Tiffany & Co. but we still think the brand is fabulous over here at Abornewords. Their prowess has everything to do with the feeling they create for consumers who see their inventory as being creme de la creme (the very best) and its that type of branding and a few other strategic moves, like their new retail location opening in Sydne...

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Abornewords Retail: Stein Mart Provides A Downtown Front Store Window Shopping Experience (Military Career Support)

Posted by Nicole Kim on Monday, May 25, 2015, In : Retail 

As you can see, at Stein Mart our Storefront Window(s) helped us to celebrate Memorial Day, as we displayed fashionable ideas. At Abornewords, we encouraged you to focus on using themed interior design for Memorial Day, as a way to honor our Veterans all year long. I wore an outfit to work themed for the occasion, as did so many shoppers. Bodies adored with patriotic colors were everywhere it seemed. From accessories to handbags and shoes, it was on. There are many other ways to help keep the...

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Abornewords Retail: Disney's Cinderella Can Not Make Us Forget Frozen's Snow Queen Elsa (Here's Why)

Posted by Nicole Kim on Saturday, April 4, 2015, In : Retail 

My Great Niece Jazz pictured with a friend & My Great Nephews

As a former Disney Employee, I had a chance to be a part of Walt Disney's Magic! The happy smiles somehow always happened when I made connections with Disney Characters, who are always ready to offer up the show many of us have grown to expect and love. No matter if you are remembering times from your childhood or the delightful smiles on your own children's faces, smiles will certainly happen when Disney Characters are spreading th...

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Abornewords Retail: Charmin Basic Provides A Fluffy TP (Toilet Paper) Experience #GotItFree

Posted by Nicole Kim on Friday, January 30, 2015, In : Retail 

Today I am pleased to announce that I scored my first Proctor & Gamble Campaign and since here at Abornewords we love to be informative and entertaining, we want you to know that our blessing to be a part of this wonderful Campaign came as a result of Bzz Agent, a site that is all about the buzz! A former Supervisor of mine named Eyvonne gave me a heads up on this site, when we were chatting it up at the gym and believe me this blessing came to me as I held back the tears. I hope you are feel...

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Abornewords Retail: Smart Homes Are To Connectivity As Germ Guardians Are To Homes W/O Central Air & Heating Systems

Posted by Nicole Kim on Thursday, January 22, 2015, In : Retail 

A visual of the idea of a Smart Home _____ Credit: Future For All

Thinking in terms of Smart Homes we often think of modern computerized connectivity where everything is usually just a switch/button away. That is a good way of acknowledging that having a Smart Home means being connected and that quick and convenient is somehow tied into automation.

Living better and experiencing an enhanced quality of life usually means that changes have happened in our environment or within ourselves to help ...

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Abornewords Retail: Mainstays Product From Walmart Helped Us To Make a Home Improvement Repair Easier

Posted by Nicole Kim on Sunday, January 11, 2015, In : Retail 

Right now, there is lots to do in my household these days. Things need organizing, extra care and a little of Tinkle Bells Pixie Dust to help us create a more productive home environment.

To get started, my Son and I took on a home improvement repair project and I'll admit, we were kind of forced into doing it, simply because the faucet was leaking and the cold water nozzle was broken and corroded.

The landlords were not available so we had to get it done! Of course, I was the first one to spr...

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Abornewords Retail: Here's Why Macys Popularity Could Increase As They Follow In The Footsteps Of Best Buy

Posted by Nicole Kim on Sunday, September 28, 2014, In : Retail 

In the wake of Macys testing same day delivery in an effort to compete with the likes of Amazon and other retailers using the Omni Channel Model like Best Buy who has a specific area designated in store for ordering and same day pick, Macys is getting some help from Ryan Seacrest.

Yes, the blonde with the microphone and a good talking game is likely to help Macys increase their popularity. Here's the reason we think Macys will get a boost in the Most Popular Category and also entice men and t...

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Abornewords Retail: Nicole Kim New Career Path Announcement

Posted by Nicole Kim on Sunday, July 27, 2014, In : Retail 

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Abornewords Retail: Reward Programs And Gamification With Earth Friendly Products

Posted by Nicole K. on Friday, April 12, 2013, In : Retail 

Are Reward Cards becoming the new tool used by retailers to gamify the customer experience? There will be execs who shy away from this idea, if for nothing more than to create a complicated jargon related report that essentially proves that's exactly whats happening.

Customers are buying into the idea, cashing in on savings rewards and making their dollars and cents add up on the bottom lines of their bank accounts. They don't really care if you call it gamification or improving t...

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Clarks: Footwear that will Take You From Jeans To Dresses

Posted by Nicole K. on Thursday, June 28, 2012, In : Retail 

Versatile fashion choices are a must for women on the move. We are at our best and thrive to meet lifes challenges when our look and hair game is on point. Our summer clothes may be very different from our winter threads and for obvious reasons. The weather or our workplace environment can play a role in the fashion choices we make. We have a chancee to experiment a little more with footwear. Getting away with wearing sneakers year round is what busy bodies live for everyday. Boots are good...

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JG Construction: Working on Retail Space In Cali

Posted by Nicole K. on Thursday, May 10, 2012, In : Retail 

In business you always hear executives, planners, and startup gurus yelling these words: location, location, location. Demographics is certainly a key factor to look at when building or choosing a stie to situate your business. The location factor may be more important to first time start ups and smaller businesses with little or no capital _______fewer spending dollars play a role too. When budgets are tight number crunching is a must and saving your bottom line becomes more important. Tak...

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Marshalls & TJ Maxx: A Bold Look At Making A Statement In Color

Posted by Nicole K. on Wednesday, May 9, 2012, In : Retail 

Marshall's and TJ Maxx carry a variety of designers clothes, handbags, and other household merchandise at prices that fall below suggested retail prices. In my city, it was always about Marshalls. Marshall's is the go to spot to get brand name clothes. Both retailers will be rolling out tons of new colorful combinations, so get ready to coordinate your summer gear according to your own color code. Look how I'm doing it in color!

Some creative ways to get fitted up and trendy are:

  • Pastels : So...

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