The food choices we make are important not only for the obvious reason of weight management but proper nourishment. An unhealthy diet that is high in fat, high in sugar, and low in fiber is like a gateway diet that makes a person more  likely to develop Type II Diabetes. Genetics plays more of a role when considering obesity as a factor causing the disease. Type I Diabetes usually occurs during puberty, but it can also happen at any age. Genetics plays less of a role as far as the disease process goes.  Those with family heritage in Northern latitudes are more likely to develop Type I Diabetes. Chris Noth is one celebrity who using his voice to increase Diabetes awareness and is encouraging individuals to be screened.  Noth is pictured below attending film premiere in New York City.

NEW YORK - ...... (L-R) Christopher McDonald and Chris Noth attend the premiere of Overture Films....... at Paris Theatre on.......... (Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images for Overture Films) *** Local Caption *** Chris Noth; Christopher McDonald

We all need to do more to promote healthy lifestyles, and the dialogue needs to start within our own families. Taking charge of our eating habits and increasing our activity is a positive start in the right direction. The American Diabetes Association list Diabetes as the number one cause of blindness.......November is also National Diabetes Month. In this video clip Dr. Drew Orden gives us the Center For Disease Control (CDC) stats further confirming the severity of Type II Diabetes. Get serious about your health and every November try to remember those affected with the disease, and do something in honor of National Diabetes Month. When you visit your physician, ask more questions and get screening so that you can become more aware of the risk factors and symptoms associated with Diabetes.