To say the least, there is an artistic vision that grabs your thought process before you even consider if the Anselm Reyle Camouflage Eye Shadow Palette is something worthwhile exploring.


Anselm Reyle is most known for his painting and sculpting. One thing is very clear, Christian Dior set out to create something that is creative and different. In all my years of loving lip and eye makeup, I have never seen camouflage done quite like this Dior presentation. Truly, this is Christain Dior's "Art of Makeup" The colors included in the Anselm Reyle Limited Edition Palette are violet, gray, and black. What a way to go high fashion and bold with eye color.

Take a look at one of my favorite photos that represents this particular Dior launch! After seeing this photo, you won't be able to keep this Christian Dior Palette out of your mind. 

Launching of Anselm Reyle's collection for Dior

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