New York's streets will not only be the first place that the new Nissan Taxi's will cruise, residents in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens will also be seeing the launch of a new bike sharing program. The program was scheduled to launch this month, but with building anticipation, the program is expected to begin sometime in August. The size of this venture is quite large, 600 docking stations are strategically placed throughout the city and a total of 10,000 have been built by Manufacturer Bixi. The way the program works is genius. Kiosk have been put in place right at the docking stations to allow for easy rentals. A code is given once the transaction is complete so that the bicycle can be unlocked and used for 30-45 minutes without incurring any overtime fees. An annual membership will only cost $95. Twenty-four hour and seven day passes are also available. Citi Bank and MasterCard are sponsoring the program.

The design of the bikes has impressed the toughest critics because the durable construction is so impressive. The frame alone is said to have survived a force that is probably greater than a cars force, according to one Engineer of Devinci. the seat rest for a bicycle of this stature adjusts to accommodate riders ranging in height from 4'10 to 6'5. Wow! Another designer involved in the project is especially pleased with the bicycles boomerang form. It's a new shape on a modernized bicycle with a rack as a front show, instead of basket. The aluminum make up is something else worth doting about. No rusting on a bicycle will certainly something that will prolong longevity for years to come, unlike steel frames. Congested traffic in cities like New York is the reason many residents choose cycling as a commuting option.