Versatile fashion choices are a must for women on the move. We are at our best and thrive to meet lifes challenges when our look and hair game is on point. Our summer clothes may be very different from our winter threads and for obvious reasons. The weather or our workplace environment can play a role in the fashion choices we make. We have a chancee to experiment a little more with footwear. Getting away with wearing sneakers year round is what busy bodies live for everyday. Boots are good too for summer and winter depending on the style and our coordination choices. Shoes like crocs are good even in winter as long as you remember to wear socks or support pantyhose. There's no exception to the rule with sandals that are opened-toe and opened all round. Those styles should only be worn in warmer temperatures. If you are the adventurous type, watch out for frostbite.

Forget about how you will adjust your footwear to transition into more appropriate shoes for now. Check out some cute styles for women offered by the Clarks Brand.


With durable looking styles like these, the quality seems evident. Clark's has been around since the early 1800's and their not letting us forget why they continue to be a leader in footwear. The leather open-toe sandals can take you from your shorts and jearns to your casual dresses and skirts. Not to mention, those styles are also good with suits, khaki's, and slacks. Styles like these are the perfect choice for women on the go who want to look fresh and add a little height in the process. Comfort is not compromised and the styles look fantastic. Innovation is what has made Clark's a competitive leader in footwear. Women and men can find the latest styles. Something to your liking is only a click away.

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