Movie toting tht iron, put a gun in your ribs, DMX on blast cuz he shed some tears. No one expected the emotional mommy code to break the man down who once criticized the nautical style of New York's own Jay-Z. Dramatically I say, ain't nothing wrong with a man crying. It's not like he really lying.


There are those of you who doubt the sincerity of the DMX outburst. Seriously, can an actor have serious melt downs too? We believe the answer is yes. Take a look at the video for yourself, and see if you notice real tears

The way DMX was hollering out mommy was like she was actually right there to answer him. All the doubters will say that DMX was just trying to get attention. We are not entertaining that nonsense over here at Abornewords. We feel like this was a sincere effort to move forward in a positive light, and we are on the same page. It's all about being positive and doing what you love. We don't care if a million gangsters are yelling man up! All we want to say is that everyone has their limits. Thank you DMX for releasing your Thriller. Don't laugh y'all. (smile)