Coming from a person who is well respected in the fashion world, Dawn Del Russo is offering something to her followers that she usually charges big bucks for. Here's how some of her fees add up.

Expert Styling $275

Before we tell you just what you can get, compliments of Dawn Del Russo, we want to ask you to think about the value of enlisting professional help when your purse strings can afford the tug on your wallet. Getting help from professionals like Russo is better than asking family and friends for their advise or opinion. With family and others who may be close to you, the result could end up being good or bad for you. Lets fade it, you don't want to take a chance with your look. Your image is always at stake and the bottom line is: first impressions matter. Understanding that your fashion choices can make or break you means that your train of thought is focused in the right direction.

Dates, job interviews, parties, or other highly acclaimed events are places that require you to show up looking right, on trend, and fashionable, so why take a chance at getting it wrong? Feeling immediately satisfied with your outfit and overall look may not happen as quickly as you want it to. In those situations, you need someone on call and available to give you good advice and also to help you get yourself together fast. Dawn Del Russo is the Fashion Stylist to call. She offers a number of services for every area of concern that may require a little expertise. A virtually consultation for closet therapy usually cost about $160. That's why when we heard that Dawn Del Russo was offering a similar service on a complimentary basis, we had to share it with you. You will not pay a penny to get Russo advice, if you are blessed enough to win her ongoing contest. Click the star for more details 

We just love Dawn Del Russo because she informs her audience and loyal fans by adding in her own personality which gives her video messages a nice personal touch. The explanations and attention to detail is appreciated by us over here at Abornewords. Go Dawn! Keep doing what you do and we will keep checking for you. Thanks for being original.