Looking for someone to clue you in on what's hot in fashion and trending with the stars? Dawn Del Russo is a stylist with skills to meet you where youare with sound guidance and practical advice for all those times when you need a little help getting it right. The Fashionista penned a book packed with her expertise for all of you spendthrifts who want to save a buck but still look like you spent thousands. 101 Glam Ways to An Ultra Chic Lifestyle is the brainchild that will make your look rival the style of your favorite celebrities. Russo is who we trust to put us in the know. Check out her style and then we will show you how her advice helped us to find our carbon copy with high and low deals that model good taste.

Dawn Del Russo came threw big time

Here's our Carbon Copy of The Dawn

This Pleione Blouse is so girly! Flowery, cute, and flowing are three words that describe this flattering wardrobe top, made of sheer chiffon, the pleating will create an illusion and flatter your waistline, creating a secure fit made comfortable with the inclusion of an elastic band just at your mid-section. A colorful creation from Pleione.

The Turquoise Ceramic Skirt is shown in one of my favorite colors, designed perfectly to hang just at the knee in front with a princess train trailing behind hanging at calf level, creating an asymmetrical hem. the spandex fabric makes it easier to wear. The perfect item to show off your long lean body with curves in the right places. A creation from Stern, made in America.

The Shoe of every girls dream for that Cinderella feel is the Red Bottom Christian Louboutin. These studded heelscreate the edge needed to add a little bad girls club drama for your good girl personality, made for the adventurous,standing at 5.5 inches, the upper is made of suede instead of leather for a more casual look. There is also a peep toe front to allow your toes to breathe. Of course, the signature Red Sole is the highlight of Louboutin. The shoes are made in Italy.

The two tone combination makes versatility look easy, extra bezels allow the change to happen easily, features include water resistant quality for your active lifestyle, as you shine with stainless steel situated parallel to the gold plated detail.Glam Rock is the creator of this timepiece.

Mix and match to pair the colors that work best for your style. Hope you love how the Dawn did it and how we copied her style almost to the tee. Click the star to see Dawn in action for yourself