We did some digging to find out a little more about Dennis Haysbert and his sweet sounds and guess what we found out! Dennis Haysbert is a helpless romantic and ladies this is not an exaggeration. If you go to his website, you will hear some musical sounds that are equally as pleasurable as his Movie Star tone. He's also a willing participant in benefits that support a good cause. Haysbert recently attended a celebration thrown by Vanity Fair and Chrysler in Eva Longoria's honor to celebrate the launch of her foundation. Here's a picture of Mr. Haysbert looking dapper in gray.

Dennis Haysbert Actor Dennis Haysbert attends the Vanity Fair and Chrysler celebration of The Eva Longoria Foundation hosted by Eva Longoria on Thursday, February 23 at Beso Hollywood.

Go Campaign Hollywood, and if that's not enough, this gentleman loves to play golf during his leisure. He also has his very own clothing line featuring must have golf gear, for all of you guys who are into the sport. Maybe you're trying to figure out what you will do when you have some spare time. Golfing is an option, and you have to look good while you are playing. Take a look at Dennis wearing some of his own gear. 

Dennis Haysbert - 3rd Annual SAG Foundation Golf Classic

He is just dreamy! On those nights when you need an extra push to get a little shut eye, he surely makes counting sheep a whole lot easier. Don't get jealous, there's enough Dennis to go around. Check out his reel .

Photo Credit: Craig Brarritt/Getty Images