More and more everyone is getting in on the social buzz and creating a presence on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to stay in touch with fans and brand loyal consumers. Companies are finding out slowly but surely that keeping up with the times means doing things a little differently with advertisements and promotion, via internet. Take a look at this comical portrayal of parents who seem to be bent on keeping their child away from the computer and turning the pages of real books.

The caption above the childs head says a mouthful. E-books is proof that Digital Media is a vital part of our lives. It's a fast, convenient and easy way to consume information while being actively involved and in the know. The internet offers the type of variety that you can not get in a mall/department store, and consumers are responding by making more purchases. Frequency of tablet use is also up too. It's proof that consumers are finding alternative ways to shop and stay connected to their favorite brands. Here is a visual aid showing variations of frequency for tablet usage.

Tablet like the Android or iPad are being used more frequently than regular PC's (Personal Computers). Senior Analyst Catherine Boyle, the author of "Couch and Pillow Commerce" believes that consumers have a natural desire to interact with the people and the brands they love. She also seems to believe that most retailers are failing to fully meet the consumers expectations, but Google is makin sure that it's own marketing moves correctly reflect the New Age behavoir. Changing times call for offering something that meets the needs of what is popular among consumers today. Google Play is Google's ace in the hole! Meeting the customers needs means giving them what the want. Google think tanks is making sure Google is not left behind, as consumers are shopping in this cyber world full of computers, smartphones, iPads, and Androids. The Google Play Platform offers movies, music, apps, and books. The dominance of digital technology (via internet) is taking over.  Facebook's purchase of Instagram is proof that they believe it.  


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