There is a certain expectancy injury that goes along with the territory of the tough guy types who are labeled bad to the bone. DMX somehow fits right into the mole. A role that DMX plays all to well is the bad guy. He has mad acting skills and a list of movie credits to prove that he is one of the most wanted stars in castings involving urban lifestyles, cops, or guns. Add all of that up and multiply it by the likelihood that his characters persona will spill over into his personal life in reality, and it is not hard to believe. We don't know what got into DMX recently but the news of his hospitalization went viral in no time. TMZ was able to get a shot of the star as he tried to rest. Please try not to laugh because his fingers are crossed. He did hurt himself, but he is to kicks.

You got to love DMX, he is so hilarious at times. Things just seem to fall into place. Speaking of falling, well that is exactly what the Superstar did, right off a four wheeler, landing in the hospital with a concussion. When he plays, there is no telling what will happen. A reckless incident like this could have been even more serious. We know that he will be up and at it again in no time. Pictures of the four wheeler that he was riding have not went viral yet. However, we will be keeping our eyes and ears open for the latest.