That's What's up! The Dog is barking on the track again. We hear him loud and clear over here at Abornewords. It's official; his lyrical game is rapped tight on so many of these tracks. Seriously, we had a hard time choosing our favorite, but alas we did. We want to tell you so bad, but we will ease you into the reveal while giving you an analytically in summary. In doing so, we will tell you why we think DMX strategically placed each introduction into the mix in the form of an entertaining little skit. Before we go on, we want you to think about it for a second or two. Consider this, it's just the sort of thing a fighter would expect to happen before starting round one in a boxing match. The fight is really on too! After all, the mixtape is called The Weigh In. Look at this great looking art we discovered over at Deviant Art before we go on.

Let's look at it from another angle. It also seems like DMX used th skits to warn all the Rappers to scat. Really, those little preludes can be decoded as the universal Dog call that is signaling all Rappers to look out for what's coming. Once you listen to the mixtape you will be able to fully comprehend the Dog call. All we can remember hearing after each skit is lots of Tech Rap.

DMX still has his signature style all over these tracks in a barking voice talk language that does not mask meaning or emotion, and ladies you will not be disappointed either. Everyone will have to flicker or blink and just shake their heads feeling emotion on our chosen favorite "Where I Wanna Be" , the second track on the mixtape. All Rappers betta check game or crip walk united, if you ever heard anything that made you wanna stomp your sneakers on and grab a mic. Critiquing every track in this one post will spoil it for you, so we won't continue. Listen for yourself! It's a real treat with enough time for you to take a breath and have some ice tea or something. It is almost officially summer. While y'all are sitting on the edge of sofa's, take time to give DMX a hand of applause. We can't wait for the album! Judge for yourself!