Is it a new war or roll of the dough? Like it or not there is competition between brands for consumers' greenbacks. Who will win with your family in a war between the dough? Let me tell you about Play Doh's latest competitior on the market called Moon Dough. Moon Dough is magical molding dough. Why magical? Probably beause it never drys out. It's also wheat free and hypoallergenic. What a treat for your little ones, and it's good for ages 3 and up. Here's a shot of the new dough buddy.

Moon Dough

Play Doh was something I loved to play with as a child. Once I started college and realized ceramic and sculpture courses were available, I signed up for the Big C (Ceramics) to get me started with rolling and molding. It was so much fun, especially when we got to the firing part where the colors actually changed with different degrees of heat in the Kiln. When my son was a small child, I made sure I purchased Play Doh for him because I knew that it encourage creativity. He enjoyed dough as well. Now since I have Great nieces and nephews, I thought they would love the new Moon Dough. It's the perfect gift. Motor skills, imagination and craftiness are easy to nurture. Moon Dough offers so much more with their toys included in certain models.

Take A Look At The Variety

The moon shape/crescent makes the presentation special and provides an open door to discuss science with your child. Planets everybody! How far to the moon?